Facebook has announced that after May 31, 2022, Facebook would be withdrawing the location access for two features i.e ‘Nearby Friends‘ and ‘Weather Alerts‘ these two Facebook features have been with us for a very long time but soon it will not be available on Facebook for its millions of users across the globe.

Nearby Friends – enabled users to identify contacts near to their location, for which Facebook was able to access your location and use it to track other people.

Facebook to withdraw location access

The nearby friends feature will be disabled of location access

Weather Alerts – without accurate location access it’s not possible to give you the right temperature in the area. Facebook used this tool to read your location.

Facebook to withdraw location access

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Facebook would no longer notify your friends nearby your location or about the upcoming weather changes because mobile apps would no longer be able to check your location in the background.

The platform would continue collecting your location data irrespective of this update. Facebook would continue collecting your location data by other applications altogether.

“Users can access and download Location History until August 1, 2022, in the section called ‘Access Your Information. The meta-owned platform also says that it will delete any location history or background location information users have previously shared. However, Facebook will continue collecting location and other user data for other services it offers. It is important to note that Facebook has not disclosed the reason behind the discontinuation of these features.”, as reported by Republic World.

Facebook parent company Meta confirmed the news to The Verge, that “While we’re deprecating some location-based features on Facebook due to low usage, people can still use Location Services to manage how their location information is collected and used,” spokesperson Emil Vazquez said in an emailed statement.