Vaishnavi Boora is a health and fitness blogger that helps women achieve the lifestyle and body they desire and love.

Her mission is to help everyone feel like the best version of themselves every day by bringing exciting workouts and tasty recipes and pushing you to get the motivation to do it. Especially with her YouTube channel – Vaishnavi Boora where she takes her passion to the next level.

Vaishnavi shares her insights and wisdom about being a mom and learning patience as your body changes after giving birth. Her followers love to hear about her life with her family and how she incorporates fitness into her busy mom’s life.

Not only do you feel great by following her amazing exercise routines, but she also gets your mood uplifted and fills your mind with positive energy.

In a conversation with Social Nation, she opened her heart and told us about her content creation and fitness journey.

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What inspired you to become a fitness instructor? What are the challenges you faced as you navigated through this career?

After two years of marriage, we had a son, and two months thereafter I was diagnosed with postpartum depression. I had gained a lot of weight and weighed 85 kgs.

I went into depression and was stuck in the thought process that what does my future look like, what kind of an example will I set for my son because of being unfit, and that I didn’t have a job. I lost interest in everything, including meeting people, wearing good clothes, and going out.

No matter how much we talk about body positivity when you look in the mirror and see yourself less than perfect, you do get demotivated. You feel everything else is perfect in life, you have a good husband, a child, and good life, but true happiness remains exclusive till you are not happy with yourself.

How do you feel about the fact that you are an inspiration for many women?

It feels great to know that there are women who get inspired by me, my journey, or my fitness. It’s all about celebrating those small wins that I go through my journey so that women that follow me for inspiration can relate and can believe in themselves that they can do it too.

I feel so honored when I see my community members achieving their fitness goals and when they are able to look how they have always imagined.

Music plays such an essential part in any great workout. Who are your absolute favorite musical artists that help you kick it up a notch and push you to run that extra mile?

Yes, music helps a lot during my workout sessions. It kind of keeps my body in momentum.
I love listening to Punjabi and Bollywood beats. Moreover, Diljit Dosanjh and Ap Dhillon are my favorite artists.

Was there anyone who inspired you to get into fitness & nutrition? Is there anyone currently who continues to inspire you to date?

My postpartum depression and circumstances are two things that inspired me and are continuously inspiring me to date.

Do you have a favorite cheat treat? What is it?

Yes, I do have a favorite cheat treat. Waffles are my first option whenever it comes to cheat treats. I love them

If you had to pick only 3 exercises, what would they be and why?

The only three exercises that I would love to pick are Deadlifts, Squats, and Lunges. All three of them are compound exercises and I love doing exercises that involve compound movements.

What fitness routine would you suggest to the readers of this blog

Spare an hour from your busy schedule to get your body moving. You can do a workout at your home or gym or at least you must play some kind of sport to keep yourself in shape!