Ever wondered how two broke kids could rise to become India’s best crime storytellers? Enter the Desi Crime Podcast. From gripping narratives to meticulous research, this dynamic duo has transformed the essence of true crime storytelling, compelling audiences with every episode. But do you know how they attain these stories and make all of them true all the time? Let’s find out what makes them the ultimate crime tellers in India.

Who Are The Desi Crime Podcast?

Desi Crime Podcast is a popular true crime podcast hosted by two friends, Aishwarya Singh and Aryaan Misra, who started their journey as broke kids with a passion for storytelling. They primarily focus on unraveling gripping crime stories from India and South Asia, blending meticulous research with compelling narration. Their podcast has garnered a dedicated following, making them some of the best crime storytellers in the region.

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It’s QnA Time!

We had an insightful Q&A session with the creators of Desi Crime Podcast. Here’s their take on storytelling, research, what drives their passion for true crime, and how much money to they make. Of course you wanted to know it too!

When did you start podcasting? How would you describe your journey in the Indian podcast industry till date?

“When we started back in 2020, we were just two kids, two broke college students out of our dorm rooms, trying to find a hobby that we thought we would be good at. Yet the Indian market and the Indian audience’s appetite for true crime propelled us forward, and that growth has been surreal to watch.”

People who work together often face “creative differences,” how do you handle it to gain success?

“Our aesthetics, sensibilities, and our narrative styles were very similar from the start. We knew about each other because we had been friends for such a long time before we started the podcasting medium. We knew that we were going to do a podcast. We had been debaters in college together, so we had seen each other on a stage, telling a story. On almost all significant operational creative matters, Aryan and I agree with each other’s tastes, and that has been a huge blessing.”

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As successful podcasters in India, what does community mean to you?

“Community is essential for us. The podcast thrives on the support of our listeners who eagerly engage with each episode during our weekly “Desi Day” premiere on YouTube at 2 p.m. Our community passionately interacts by flooding the comments with excitement and praise, showcasing unwavering dedication to every interview or content piece we release across different platforms.”

How do you verify the accuracy of real-life stories and avoid trouble over incorrect information?

“Ensuring the factual accuracy of our content has always been our top priority task. Each story we tell represents someone’s life, so we prioritise thorough research from primary sources like victim-authored books, police records, and interviews. When necessary, we cross-reference multiple sources to validate the details, ensuring integrity and transparency in every episode.”

This one’s for all the aspiring podcasters in the country. What are the different sources of income for podcasters?

“We’ve been collecting stories for the last 4 years and believe in selling them on OTT platforms to make money. There are various avenues available depending on the vision of your brand, depending on the kind of content you produce, depending on the size of your reach, depending on how big you are on Instagram versus YouTube versus Spotify. And those are all avenues that can be tapped into. We think the factual accuracy of our content has been at the forefront of our mission ever since we began.”

Can you both share one of your most favourite episodes of the Desi Crime Podcast?

Out of over 100 episodes, both myself and Aryan would agree that the “disappearance of Sneha Philip” stands out. I have a peculiar interest in disappearances; the unresolved nature of a story truly captivates me. This is what lingers in my mind for an extended period – the absence of a definitive conclusion handed to me, leaving me to contemplate. Thus, Sneha Philip’s disappearance truly resonated with me.”

If given a chance, what’s that one thing you could change about Desi Crime?

What we would change with the podcast is hard to pinpoint as everything we’ve done has led us to where we are now, and we’re happy about it. However, starting a YouTube channel earlier would likely be a priority due to its substantial popularity and viewership compared to other platforms.

What are some tips you would give a person who wants to start podcasting industry in India?

For anyone starting a podcast in India, try out different formats to find success. Take advantage of current trends and build your podcast presence on social media platforms. Explore different aspects to reach success.

Well, wasn’t it great diving into the world of podcasts with Desi Crime?