TV shows have held a significant importance in all our lives. From iconic dialogues to setting up pop culture trends, some shows become an emotion. Throughout the course of history the world has been blessed with shows that are so good that they end up making us crave for one more season. While the laws of the universe make things come to an end, the creators have been smart enough to come up with the concept of a spin off. A spin off in television is a new series containing characters or settings that originated in a previous series, but with a different focus, tone, or theme.

Here let’s have a look at some of the spin offs from the most popular shows in our time.

Joey (2004 – 2006) 

Origin: Friends
Genre: Sitcom

Starting right from where the iconic sitcom Friends ends, the series focuses on Joey who moves to Hollywood to pursue his dream of being an actor. There he meets his sister, and his nephew Michael. From there on the adventure takes off. Although it is only two seasons long, it is a fair take on what could be the life of one individual character adapted from the bigger show.

Better Call Saul (2015 – Present) 

Origin: Breaking Bad
Genre: Drama

Picking up the events shown in Breaking Bad, Better Call Saul provides a look into the past and a deeper insight into the rise of Gus Fring’s empire. It even explains how ex-con artist Jimmy McGill goes through a series of trials and tragedies, as he transforms into his alter ego Saul Goodman, a morally challenged criminal lawyer.

Young Sheldon (2017 – Present)

Origin: The Big Bang Theory
Genre: Sitcom

Diving deeper into the life of genius Sheldon Cooper, Young Sheldon explored Sheldon’s youth and how he hilariously struggles to fit in with his unintellectual family in Texas. The show also has several Easter eggs for all The Big Bang Theory fans! 

Pearson (2019 – Present)

Origin: Suits
Genre: Legal Drama

After exiting from her New York law firm, a disbarred powerhouse attorney Jessica Pearson looks to atone for her past and reconnect with her estranged family. She moves to Chicago away from the dirty politics of New York City where she is “embroiled in a crooked and dangerous new world where every action has far-reaching consequences.