Instagram wants to be a place where all creators can express their talent, engage with their audience, and make a career. Reels will soon be improved, enabling you to focus on what you do best. There’s more that Instagram has shared.

Find What’s Trending over reels!

Since content creators are constantly looking for new ideas, they have added a place where you can go to get inspiration from the hottest trends. The top trending songs on Reels will be displayed, and you may tap in to utilize the audio or store it for later. You can also see how many times the audio has been used.

Reels Trends

To help you with your own content, you can also view the top trending subjects and hashtags on Reels. For instance, festival season may be in style earlier than you realize. People actually begin sharing their #coachella content before the event even starts, according to the researches. With the new trends destination, you may get these kinds of insights.

Reels Trends

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Make it easy to edit Reels

By combining video clips, audio, stickers, and text in a single editing screen, we’re making it simpler for you to edit your reels on Instagram. This facilitates a more visual alignment and timing of your reel’s elements to the appropriate occasions. As we continue to invest in new strategies to make editing your reels simpler and easier, keep a watch out for even more exciting things to come. Both iOS and Android devices can access this worldwide.

Reel edit

Update to Reel Insights

They will also enhance reel insights by adding two new metrics—total watch time and average watch time—and making it simpler to access your insights when viewing your reels directly. These changes will help you better understand how your material is performing.

reel insight

Total watch time records all viewing time for your reel, including any time spent watching it again. Average watch time, which is determined by dividing watch time by the total number of plays, measures the average amount of time spent watching your reel. If, for instance, your average view time is 17 seconds, then, on average, each person who watched your reel for 17 seconds. You will have a better understanding of where people are interacting as a result.

Instagram Notification

 You’ll now receive a notification with new followers from your reels. 

Improving and Expanding Gifts on Reels

“Today we’re excited to share our plan to bring gifts to even more creators with upcoming expansions to more markets, including Australia, Canada, France, Mexico, New Zealand and the UK, in the coming weeks.”

In order for you to identify your supporters, they are also introducing a new feature that will show you who people have sent you gifts. Your supporters will receive a notification if you tap the heart icon next to them letting them know that you have seen and appreciated their contribution, further cementing the bond between you and your supporters.

Gifts on reels

People are inspired by creators like you, who also influence pop culture. These upgrades are just a few of the ways they are making an investment in your success as they are dedicated to creating new products to support your growth and success on Instagram.