It is true that current times are challenging and even overwhelming for a lot of people. As the nation battles through the badly hit second wave of Covid-19, a lot of organisations have stepped in to amplify the support related to resources, meals etc. While people are chipping in support we definitely cannot forget the most valuable people (the OGs as the Gen-Z calls it) known famously as the Doctors. Throughout the pandemic the people in white coats have been working tirelessly to put an end to these testing times. Their efforts are undoubtedly worthy of the highest stature.


Sadly some events in the recent past have caused a wave of disappointment and fear amongst the doctors. There have been incidents where doctors have been beaten up by an angry mob for no fault of their own. The videos of these unfortunate incidents have been circling throughout social media and many have expressed their support and shown solidarity with the doctors. The creator community was not far behind in raising awareness about this issue and educating people on supporting the doctors.

Ranveer Allahbadia (YouTube Channel: BeerBiceps) uploaded a video on his Instagram narrating his experiences of growing up in a “doctors only” household and how selfless doctors really are in reality. In a video posted on his Instagram he has written (in the caption): “Big respect and big love to the entire medical workforce of the country. You da real MVP.

Muskan Ranka (@spread_the_muskan), another content creator posted a reel highlighting the hardships that doctors go through and yet how selflessly they save the people of this world. In her Instagram post she writes: “I agree. Death of someone close can be really painful. But how does that justify the mob’s temper and act of mercilessly attacking doctors? I am scared wondering, how many budding doctors backed off from their dreams of becoming a doctor. And this is a problem for all of us. WE NEED DOCTORS.

Dr. Aashiket Sable an Orthopedic Surgeon on his Instagram posted a reel saying: “To my fellow medicos, this just proves that our voices were heard by masses and we won’t stay quiet this time.

Dear readers, we know times are tough but let us all be kind to each other and above all respect the people in white coat i.e. THE DOCTORS!