Social Nation‘s Christmas campaign “#SleighedIt” is all about celebrating our beloved content creators for their noteworthy work throughout the year. We nominated select creators under 12 distinct categories on our Instagram Stories. Ranging from Audience Charmer to Tech King to Visual Storyteller, we cherry-picked 3 creators excelling in their respective genres. And the winner was ultimately crowned by YOU, our audience, in the form of polls.

Niharika NM is Santa's Favourite Audience Charmer


A close call between Elvish Yadav and Niharika NM, the laughter queen bagged the Audience Charmer title with 2,833 votes. Niharika NM, the epitome of charisma and unmeasurable talent, emerged as a frontrunner in the content creation realm throughout 2023. Her decision to move to the vibrant city of Mumbai illuminated a year full of successes and mesmerising collaborations.

Teaming Up with Tech Titans

Partnering with tech giant OnePlus, Niharika dazzled audiences with her showcase of the cutting-edge OnePlus11. Her seamless presentation highlighted the device’s innovations, setting the tone for her year ahead and her venturing into the gadgets realm. 

Charming Conversations: Shahid Kapoor, Kareena Kapoor, and John Legend

In a memorable chat show appearance for Farzi, Niharika’s wit and charm outshone alongside the charismatic Shahid Kapoor. Her magnetic presence continued as she raised temperatures with Kareena Kapoor at Mirchi Studios and left audiences enchanted while conversing with the legendary John Legend. Throughout these interviews, she was effortless and her comedy skills outshone everytime. 

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Center Stage at Major Events

Under25 witnessed an electrifying presence by Niharika, captivating the crowd without breaking into sweat. Her collaboration prowess shone through partnerships with and recognition as a Gold Icon by Behindwoods, solidifying her status as an industry standout.

Cannes 2023 and ASMR Cosmopolitan Cover

Gracing the prestigious Cannes 2023, Niharika made waves on the global stage, and represented the burgeoning creator economy. Her appearance on the ASMR Cosmopolitan cover showcased a different dimension of her charm, leaving an indelible mark and the first of many such feats.

Diverse Collaborations: Spider-Man, Tech Features, and Glamorous Campaigns

Niharika’s ability to connect with ease with diverse personalities was evident in her encounter with the Indian Spider-Man, Shubham Gill, creating a sensation. Niharika was among the few to demonstrate the tech features for Microsoft365. She has also  been leading glamorous campaigns for tirabeauty and Asian Paints highlighting her versatility.

Grazia Millennial Awards, Entrepreneur India, and Global TV Ventures

Triumph at the Grazia Millennial Awards 2023 reinforced her as an entertainment powerhouse. Entrepreneur India once again crowned her ‘Entertainer of the Year’. Venturing into American television for Big Mouth marked her global television debut, cementing her global appeal.

Versatility Personified: Amazon Fashion Up, Nykaa, and Collaborations Galore

Her appearance alongside Vijay Varma at the Amazon Fashion Up show and the entertaining campaign with Priyanka Chopra for Nykaa reiterated her influence across diverse industries.

Ever-Growing Influence and Impact

Niharika NM’s journey in 2023 epitomised her strong hold in the creator economy and beyond. Her charisma, versatile talent, and unwavering ability to connect. As her star continues to ascend, her magnetic allure leaves an enduring impact on the world of content creation.