If there is one thing that tickles the funny bone of people it is sarcasm. Khabane “Khaby” Lame is the master of that art. The “Lame” in his name itself is a sarcastic take on the word. Picking out internet hacks and making sensible yet sarcastic content out of it is his USP.  The Italy-based creator’s content is loved across TikTok and Instagram. With 162 million followers, Khaby Lame is one of the world’s most followed TikTokers.

After consistently killing it in the creator space, Khaby Lame is set to make his Hollywood debut. He will be seen in a James Bond-style spy comedy feature film that is tentatively titled “00Khaby.” In a statement to Variety, Khaby said “Acting has always been my dream, but I don’t want to improvise. This is why I am ready to delve deeper into my acting and English studies to perform at my best in this film.

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All About “00Khaby

The TikTok star will play a JustEat rider, who after intersecting with a dissident scientist, gets recruited by the CIA to mislead enemy secret services around the world. As per the film’s synopsis, Khaby will embody the “clumsy secret agent” who dodges arms traffickers, and steals DNA samples, while dealing with his jealous Italian Chinese girlfriend and her annoying little brother.

He ultimately succeeds in preventing something as big as World War III, thanks to “a mix of cunning, luck and his unshakeable optimism.” Produced by Marco Belardi, the film will be set in Italy, Monte Carlo, Dubai and France’s Côte d’Azur, among other locations. “00Khaby” is written by Italian writers Nicola Guaglianone and Roberto Marchionni a.k.a. Menotti, who co-wrote the hit Italian superhero movie They Call Me Jeeg.

Producer Marco Belardi and Khaby Lame hollywood debut feature film spy thriller 00Khaby TikTok

Belardi is headed to Los Angeles this week with Lame and the “00Khaby” screenplay “looking to mount an international production,” the producer said. Belardi added that he is in advanced talks with at least one prominent international director. Khaby Lame revealed that he’s undergoing intense physical training, because “…as I asked Marco Belardi, I don’t want to be replaced by a stuntman in the action scenes.”

Khaby Lame x Will Smith

Lame also shared that he will meet a Hollywood star next month in L.A. “whom I have always respected and I will certainly get some advice on how to move in front of the camera.” That star is believed to be Will Smith who, according to sources, has booked Lame to perform a cameo in an unspecified upcoming film. The release date of the English-language spy thriller “00Khaby” is not out yet.

Khaby Lame’s Journey

Born in Senegal, Khaby moved to Italy as a young child and lived in a poor area of the town of Chivasso, outside of Turin. He was a factory worker and when COVID hit, he lost his job. Like millions of Italians, he was forced to stay home. That’s when he took to social media and launched a TikTok channel.

Khaby performed absurdly comic skits that went wildly viral on the platform. Mimed and silent reactions to events he considers absurd are his content speciality. This makes his humour understood universally. Lame’s TikTok motto is: “If u wanna laugh u r in the right place.” Khaby Lame finally became an Italian citizen in 2022.

The 23-year-old’s first foray into the entertainment world outside the TikTok space was being a juror last year on “Italia’s Got Talent,” which plays on Disney+. He also became a character in the battle-royale video empire “Fortnite” and landed a multi-year partnership with designer clothing brand Hugo Boss.

He was recently seen attending the Grammy Awards 2024 on February 4, creating a hilarious moment with Trevor Noah. Khaby Lame will also be present at the Super Bowl on February 12 as part of a marketing campaign. We look forward to hearing more about Khaby’s debut film.