A girl with tiny eyes that twinkle like stars and a smile that could light up the darkest of rooms, meet Anshula Kapoor, the talented Kapoor from the legendary Kapoor Khaandaan. Coming from a well-established family like the Kapoors, Anshula has built a space for herself. A dedicated content creator, Anshula has shaped a unique niche for herself while being authentic to her value system. However, she’s not just your average content creator but also a spoken word artist who seamlessly blends emotions and words, to carve beautiful poetry.

Meet Anshula Kapoor, A Content Creator & Spoken Word Artist


Today, we experienced her splendid slam poetry at Spoken Fest 2024, dedicated to her mother on her birth anniversary. To be able to listen to a vulnerable but equally powerful performance like hers was truly the high point of our day. Not only hearing her speak as an artist but also speaking to her, Anshula has made quite an impact. Join us as we delve into the conversation about content creation, her mother and Anshula’s life in general.

SN: Tell us a little more about your bond with your mom.

Anshula: My mom is, was, always will be my universe, the centre of my being, the reason I live, the reason I am who I am. I hope I am even a five percent reflection of her because to me she was always the best human being I’ve ever known. If I ever get to choose who can be my mom again I get to choose her over and over and over again. 

SN: Three beautiful pieces of advice that your mother gave to you and you still hold on to?

Anshula: My mother said that no matter what path you choose, whatever you’re doing with your life, just make sure that you’re doing it for happiness, with happiness. I try and make sure my heart sings as much as possible.

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She also taught me that until I don’t trust myself, I can’t expect anyone else to show belief in me. Self-belief is something that she tried to inculcate in us from when we were little babies. The third thing she would say is it’s okay to ask for help. 

SN: You talked about self-belief and the space that you have created for yourself in the industry is phenomenal. How have you kept your content creation journey so unique?

Anshula: I came on Instagram with the motive of just trying to put a little bit of myself out there because I’m an introvert and I struggled that way in my life. So putting myself on social media was something that I wanted to try and experiment a little bit more with. 

I never put pressure on myself and I let it be as organic as possible. Now when we work more with brands, it’s great because most of the brands associate with you because they like who you are. 

SN: How do you manage to be so honest in front of the camera?

Anshula: I’m just trying to be as open, truthful, honest and authentic as I can be because if I want somebody to know about me, the best way for that to happen is if I tell them myself about me. That’s all that I’m trying to do. 

SN: Since you’re so true to yourself, what advice would you give to people to help them be unfiltered?

Anshula: I don’t know if I can come from a place to give somebody else advice but if you’ve decided that you want to be authentic, then just start. Unless and until you start, you’re not going to get over that first fear. Even if it means you’re uploading a picture or a five-second reel, no step is small. Just listen to your heart and everything else will fall in place. 

As we bid adieu to this enchanting encounter, we carry with us the echoes of Anshula Kapoor’s spoken word artistry, her homage to her mother on this special day. It’s been an absolute delight to delve into her world of content creation, to witness the depth of her love for her mother, and to be captivated by her infectious spirit.