Stop being unique! Be like everyone and have a normal regular Dosa”– The Kurta Guy 

Imagine a hot tava on which a dollop of batter is gently poured, spreading outward in delicate concentric circles. The air fills with the sizzle and aroma of the batter, promising a symphony of flavours to come. Then, with a flick of the wrist, the dosa is expertly flipped, revealing its perfectly crisp, golden-brown underside. It gets picked off the tava and into your plate, eventually salivating your yearning palette.

Happy World Dosa Day, everyone! March 3 is a day dedicated to this popular and delicious South Indian delicacy and is celebrated annually. When you think dosa, you think Bengaluru – the dosa capital of the country. And when you think both, you think of The Kurta Guy a.k.a. Vividh! A content creator and YouTuber on a mission to make kurtas more accessible and inclusive, he is also a big-time dosa fanatic.

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The Dosa Guy

Vividh calls himself ‘The Kurta Guy’ who loves to share his passion for kurtas with the world. And while he’s at that, he also makes us laugh with his hilarious comedy content. His mother frequently features in his Instagram and YouTube videos too. Vividh started a ‘Dosa Reacts’ series – as the name explains itself – he reviews the bizarre dosa combinations out there, making for a very entertaining watch.

The Social Nation team had a crisp dosa-like conversation with The Kurta Guy – Vividh. On what, you ask? Well, dosas of course! Read on to learn all about the creator’s love for this particular dish and more:

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Your bio reads: “Trying to save normal dosas”, can you explain what this means?

I grew up having the most simple plain normal dosas made by my mom or my Grandmom. They’re etched in my memories and I’m sure several others in the country have the same emotional connection to this amazing dish. So when you look at your most favourite thing in the world getting tortured, it hurts your childhood memories very deeply. Hence the whole aspect of trying to get people to appreciate and have more normal dosas than randomly experimenting with the love of my life 🤣❤️

Which is that one dosa place you can always go back to and expect great quality every time?

Mom’s Kitchen” has the best Dosas hands down! Those plain dosas with Chutney or Milagai Podi are heaven 😍

Your “Dosa Reacts” series is hilarious! What made you think of this?

Can’t reveal that secret 🤣 I can just say it’s only the beginning. I’ve got bigger plans to expand the “Dosa Universe” very soon with the primary intent of sharing my raw emotions about Dosas with everyone on the Internet.

Which is the weirdest dosa that you tried and ended up liking?

None none none! I don’t have the guts to try them out! Even if I do I’m definitely not gonna like ’em. The closest to me trying is the Dosa Printer I got, which prints Dosas. The machine is weird but the Dosa is quite normal so ya 😅

Did you think of including your mom in the ‘Dosa Reacts’ series? What is her honest reaction to these dosa varieties?

Mom is not included in this ‘Series’ 🙊 As much as people wanted my mom to be a part of it, I’ve avoided that because she’s surely gonna take over the show than those weird dosas 😂

On World Dosa Day, what is the one piece of advice you would give to all those who come up with these weird dosa recipes?

Uninstall Instagram or YouTube. Make those dosas, eat them, enjoy them do whatever you want, just don’t let anyone else know about what you did 😂😂

Let’s clear it up once and for all, is it ‘dosa‘, ‘dosai‘ or ‘dhosa‘?

Different people across the country call it differently. The majority of Indians call it ‘Dosa’. In Karnataka, it’s called ‘Dosé‘, in Tamil Nadu it’s ‘Dosai‘ or ‘Tosai‘. It’s ‘Dosha‘ in Kerala and the Telangana-Andhra people also call it ‘Dosa‘. So, you can call it ‘Dosa’, ‘Dosé’, ‘Dosai’ or ‘Dosha’ but not ‘Dough-Sa. 😤

What is the go-to pairing other than sambar and coconut chutney with a ghee dosa?

My go-to is ‘Milagai Podi which is chilli powder ground with some spices. It’s a powdered mixture that’s always ready to eat. You just need some oil to mix with and you’re done! If you don’t have time to make chutney, not to worry, there is always Milagai Podi 😍

What is the secret behind the perfect dosa?

Less is more! Keep it simple and you’re sorted 😅

What else can your audience expect in your ‘Dosa Reacts’ series? Anything exciting coming up?

I’ve always been around reacting to them but finally, I’ve stepped out of my house to start a new series around trying different dosas in each city! The first episode is currently on the edit table, it’s gonna be out in the 2nd or 3rd week of March! l’m super duper excited to share more deets but it’ll have to wait I suppose 😅

How do you plan to spend World Dosa Day?

By eating a normal regular Plain Dosa at home! 😍

Watching those weird dosa recipes made us also go “Dai, dai, dai!” Like Vividh says, normal dosa needs to be saved. Well, that chat with The Kurta Guy has left us salivating for that perfect crisp golden dosa now! We’re on our way to treating ourselves with dosas and so should you. It’s World Dosa Day after all!