The Kissing Booth is a romantic drama film based on Beth Reekles’ book of the same name. It’s worth noting that she started writing this story when she was 15 years old and published it on Wattpad. It attracted millions of readers, and when she was 17, Random House UK offered to publish a trilogy. With the release of the first two film adaptations, it has become one of the most well-known romantic comedy films. And now, we’re here to speak about The Kissing Booth 3‘s official trailer and its cliffhangers.

The trailer highlights Elle’s confusion in regards to choosing a university because whichever she chose, it would lead to either her boyfriend, Noah or best friend, Lee. Who would she choose to spend time with and what will be the consequence of the same? We also see Taylor Perez (Marco) bonding with Elle where she vents out to him about how exhausted she is between spending time with Lee and Noah. This movie will disclose a lot of cliffhangers including if Noah will be a memory or continue to be in Elle’s life as her partner. However, we see Lee and Elle having crazy fun to complete their bucket list. Want to watch it for yourself? Well, tap away!

Also, watch the Joey and Joel react to the trailer!

Well, I’m pretty sure you cannot wait for the movie. It releases on August 11, 2021. And until my pen writes more for you, let’s rewatch the first two movies again and get ready for the third and unfortunately, the last. Happy binge-watching, y’all!