Integza is a YouTube channel run by Joel who is dedicated to making videos about stuff which he finds interesting or intriguing. The channel is the place to be for all the science, technology and 3-D printing lovers. Currently cruising with a subscriber count of half a million, the channel is one of the most promising channels in this field. While we are on the subject of science. Let’s have a look at the best videos of Integza. Our top picks.

Tesla Pulsejet Engine [3D Printed]

When you hear the word “Tesla” you know it’s going to be cool. This video here is no exception to that fact. 

Tesla Earthquake Machine

3-D printing is always cool and we never knew that one could make an earthquake machine out of it. 

I turned my Fan into a Jet Engine

Not all fast moving fans are cool but turning a fan into a Jet Engine is always “cool”. 

Tesla Turbine [Smoke Flow Slow Mo]

Another mention of Tesla (the scientist) another assured super cool video. 

Golden Ratio Turbine

We know about ratios but what most of us don’t know is about “Golden Ratio”, along with its application in a Turbine. 

Rocket engine that uses itself as fuel!

The title of this video proves cannibalism in rockets.

Water Rocket Skateboard

Skateboarding powered by a water rocket is a must watch! 

How to create a star in a jar!

We got stars for our homework in school. It’s time we learnt how to create one in a jar. 

Powering China with Wind

We hope this solves the power crisis in the world. 

Devil’s Toothpaste Rocket Engine

Devil’s toothpaste is one of the coolest products of chemical reactions. Watch the video below to see how Joel makes a rocket engine out of it. 

If you enjoyed watching these videos, make sure to check out Integza for more!