Mumbai is all set to get a lot more delicious as hip-hop sensation SlowCheeta in collaboration with Rocket Man Pizza announces the launch of the ‘Kar De Kaa?’ menu. This limited-time menu, inspired by SlowCheeta’s EP, ‘Scene Mein Bawaal,’ promises to blend the bold flavours of Indian hip-hop with the rich taste of New York-style pizza, creating an unforgettable gastronomic experience.

SlowCheeta Partners with Rocket Man Pizza for Kar De Kaa menu


Infusing Hip-Hop into Culinary Delights

The term “Kar De Kaa?”—a rhetorical question popular in the dialects of Uttar Pradesh and Bihar meaning ‘Should I do it?’—perfectly encapsulates the spirit of this daring collaboration. Rocket Man Pizza has taken this bold attitude and infused it into its new menu, ensuring that each pizza tells a story reflective of the Kar De Kaa ethos.

Kar De Kaa

Kar De Kaa is a popular rap song by SlowCheeta which is infused with high energy and can get everybody growing. The best example of this is when SlowCheeta performed Kar De Kaa for the audience and the Social Nation Festival and the crowd could not contain their excitement. 

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Highlighting the Kar De Kaa? Menu

The Kar De Kaa? menu features an array of innovative pizzas that combine traditional Indian flavours with a contemporary twist: The options include- Slow Tikka: A bold mix featuring three peppercorn chicken tikka, brie, and truffle oil, 90s Ke Ladke: A fresh interpretation of Bombay-style mutton keema, Kar De Kaa?: The signature pizza with rich butter paneer, stuffed pickled chillies, feta drizzle, and grilled laccha onions, offering a creamy and spicy taste sensation, and Bawaal: A Tandoori achari mushrooms and masala corn cream topped with corn and pickled onions, capturing the essence of Mumbai’s monsoon snack, Bhutta.

A Celebration of Mumbai’s Cultural Fusion

This menu is more than just a collection of pizzas; it represents the dynamic fusion of music and food, embodying the innovative spirit of Mumbai. SlowCheeta sees this collaboration as an opportunity to nourish the soul of dreamers, while Rocket Man Pizza’s Chef Anand Morwani and Rohan Mangalorkar view it as a celebration of both tradition and innovation.

Availability and Ordering Details

Food enthusiasts can savour the unique flavours of the Kar De Kaa? menu from May 24th to June 2nd, 2024. Orders can be placed through Swiggy or Zomato, with prices starting at ₹525. This limited-edition menu is a testament to Mumbai’s love for harmoniously blending different cultures and tastes.

The Kar De Kaa menu is a must-try for anyone looking to experience the vibrant blend of hip-hop culture and innovative cuisine, making it a standout addition to Mumbai’s food scene.