Meme is the smallest cultural unit” capable of reaching millions in just a second. If you have used Social Media then you know for a fact that you’re less than 10 seconds away from scrolling down and landing on a meme. Memes by far have been the most produced content across the whole Internet. Covering all genres, countries, trends, updates, information, people and a whole lot of other information, memes cater to everyone regarding everything. Possibly memes are the only thing that are accessible to everyone for free and via all the media channels. While we are on the subject of memes, K11 Art Mall has teamed up with 9gag to launch the world’s first Meme Museum. Here’s all you need to know about the world’s first Meme Museum!

For this groundbreaking collaboration, the two parties have selected the internet’s most viral local and global memes and presented them in various forms, including imagery, 3D figures, video and even fragrance, to give visitors a rare opportunity to celebrate them as art.

Located at the K11 Art Mall in Hong Kong, the museum in itself is a limited experience which shows you the evolution of memes through imagery, 3D figures, and even scent. The museum has seven themed zones with a provision of interacting with over 100 memes in different forms!

The museum also has an AR Meme technology that only makes things cooler. Moreover the museum also has a facility to allow visitors to get a temporary laser tattoo and of course there is a photo booth too! While it may not be possible for a lot of you to visit it. Here’s a virtual tour of the Meme Museum

In a report by Tatler Hong Kong. The meme exhibition will also showcase the world’s first meme NFT artwork “In Meme We Love”, which features an impressive collage of over 100 of the most viral memes.
In the meme time (pun intended) for those of you who wish to visit it. The Meme Museum exhibition (started on July16, 2021) will go on till September 5, 2021.