Nancy Tyagi captured global attention with her stunning appearance at Cannes 2024, where she dazzled in a self-designed outfits including the pink ruffled gown, the sheer saree with cape and the black feathered dress. Her journey from a small village in Baghpat district to the glitzy red carpet of the French Riviera is nothing short of inspiring. Recently, she joined Ranveer Allahbadia on his podcast, The Ranveer Show, to share her remarkable story. Here are the key highlights and insights from the episode.

Overcoming Extreme Financial Hardships

Nancy Tyagi’s path to success was fraught with severe financial difficulties. She recounted the struggles her family faced, surviving on just Rs 6-7 thousand per month. This small amount had to cover all their expenses, including her brother’s school fees. The financial pressure was so intense that Nancy even contemplated suicide at one point. She admitted, “There was a lot of struggle, the thought of dying also came. In 6-7 thousand rupees, what’s happening in the month? Nothing happens. You can only buy poison.” she confessed to Ranveer. 

Turning to Content Creation as a Last Resort

Desperate to improve her situation, Nancy Tyagi turned to content creation on social media. She saw it as a final attempt to change her life, adding she stated, “Then the last option was to make a video and see if something happens, then leave everything.” This bold move paid off, as her DIY fashion videos began to attract a growing audience, eventually leading to her to turn into a viral sensation.

Nancy Tyagi opens up in a podcast interview with Ranveer Allahbadia

Inspired by Her Mother’s Sacrifices

Nancy’s drive was deeply influenced by her mother’s relentless hard work. Her mother worked under harsh conditions in a factory, even during the Covid-19 pandemic. Nancy felt immense guilt and a strong desire to earn enough so her mother wouldn’t have to work anymore. She shared, “I didn’t want that much money, I just wanted enough so that mom doesn’t have to go to work.

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Cannes 2024: The Turning Point

Nancy Tyagi’s appearance at Cannes 2024 marked a significant milestone in her career. She wore a self-stitched pink ball gown designed that captured global media attention. She explained, “The intention behind making a big gown was to get coverage and spotlight on her. Even if the outfit had turned out to be bad, the size would have caught the audience’s attention.”

Aspirations to Design for Bollywood Stars

Nancy Tyagi also revealed her aspirations during the podcast. When asked if she would like to design an outfit for Shah Rukh Khan, she enthusiastically responded that she would love to create a coat pant suit for him. Although she currently does not design men’s clothing, she expressed a willingness to learn the craft specifically for the Bollywood superstar.

Looking Ahead

Looking to the future, Nancy shared her plans to move beyond recreating designer outfits. She aims to start designing her own original pieces and potentially build a business around her creations.

Nancy Tyagi is a living example to the power of perseverance, creativity, and the support of loved ones. From contemplating suicide due to financial hardships to becoming a global fashion icon, her journey is an inspiration to many. As she continues to break barriers and pursue her dreams, she reminds everybody to not shy away from dreaming big.