Day 1 of the Vivo V30e Social Nation Festival, co-powered by Spotify, Black and White Ginger Ale and Engage Points was all parts electrifying!! Day 2 was also lined up with some of your favourite creators and the biggest names of the digital world. With excitement in the air and love in their hearts, this is a chance for fans to meet their digital stars & witness them perform LIVE.  

The Artist Par Excellence, Rani KoHeNur

The evening kicked off in the presence of some of the most loved content creators. With endless hooting, broadened smiles, and performances charming the audience, Day 2 at Vivo V30e Social Nation was a mega hit.

Sushant Divgikr at the Social Nation Festival

A vocal sensation that everybody looked forward to was our “Drag Queen” – Sushant Divgikr. The crowd barely knew what they were in for when the Queen began with their “Pari hu mai” cover.  To say that their voice sent waves of goosebumps is an understatement. 

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If there’s anyone who could get the male and female versions to the cover right, it’s our Rani Ko-He-Nur. Namaslaying through yet another cover, “Apsara Aali,” they’ve set the benchmark too high. 

The crowd’s uncontained applause and support showed just how much inclusivity is celebrated through their medium. On discovering the sexiest pitches and notes, Social Nation’s Fest can rest with some of the most happening acts in place.

With more than 200 creators and the crème de crème of the digital world, the two days at the Social Nation Festival have been a whirlwind of fun, creativity and pure talent. Hope you’ll had as much fun as we did working for it. 

With this, that’s a wrap for 2024!