Day 1 of the Vivo V30e Social Nation Festival, co-powered by Spotify, Black and White Ginger Ale and Engage Points was all parts electrifying!! Day 2 is also lined up with some of your favourite creators and the biggest names in the digital world. With excitement in the air and love in their hearts, this is a chance for fans to meet their digital stars & witness them perform LIVE.  

Ankush Bahuguna & Shibani Bedi at Social Nation Festival


IG’s favourite comedy Duo At Social Nation Festival

Ankush Bahuguna & Shibani Bedi, from reel to real life buddies, have a friendship that’s totally unique. Their content and comic timing in their duo videos is what really drives people crazy.

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Revealing Preeenka’s Online Mysteries!

In their hilarious act, they played Preeenka’s parents, giving the audience a funny peek into Preeenka’s online messages and playful naughty chats, which her parents completely misinterpreted, leading to loads of laughter.

During their set, they stumbled upon a chat where a guy was sending Preeenka “Baingan ke photos” (photos of eggplants), which left them wondering if their daughter was into organic farming or something more mysterious. They also discovered many other chats with banana, cat, and peach emojis, hinting at something secretive. Shhhh…IYKYK!

Rollercoaster Ride of Laughs, Naughty Antics & Pure Genius!

Their performance was a mix of awkward, hilarious, naughty, funny, mind-boggling, and creative moments, making the audience burst out in loud laughter.

With more than 200 creators and crème de crème of the digital world, the two days at the Social Nation Festival have been a whirlwind of fun, creativity and pure talent. Hope you’ll had as much fun as we did working for it. 

With this, that’s a wrap for 2024!