Spotify is ushering in a new era of entertainment with two groundbreaking updates. In a bid to expand its offerings and provide users with a comprehensive platform for audio and visual content, Spotify is introducing Countdown Pages for audiobooks and full-length music videos. Let’s delve into the details of these exciting new features and explore how they’re set to transform the way users interact with Spotify’s platform.

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Spotify updates include countdown pages and music videos


Audiobook Countdown Pages

Spotify is all set to revolutionise the audiobook industry with its latest feature- Countdown Pages. Mirroring the success of its music pre-save feature, Countdown Pages for audiobooks allow users to pre-save upcoming titles, generating anticipation and excitement ahead of their release. With a notification system alerting users when the audiobook becomes available, Spotify aims to empower publishers and authors to effectively promote their work and gather interest among their audience.

Spotify new updates include countdown pages and music videos

Moreover, the introduction of ‘More Like This’ tabs on Countdown Pages provides users with recommendations for similar audiobooks, encouraging further engagement with the platform’s extensive catalog. 

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Spotify Ventures into Full-Length Music Videos

In a strategic move to diversify its content and compete with YouTube’s dominance in the music video space, Spotify is rolling out a beta test of full-length music videos for its premium subscribers. Initially available in select markets, including the UK, Germany, and Brazil, premium users gain access to a curated selection of music videos from both global superstars and local favourites.

Spotify updates are countdown pages and music videos

This expansion into music videos signifies a significant step for Spotify, which has traditionally focused on audio content. By integrating full-length music videos into its platform, Spotify aims to provide a seamless and immersive experience for its users, catering to their evolving preferences and habits. The ‘Switch to Video’ toggle on supported tracks across various devices enables users to seamlessly transition between audio and visual modes, enhancing their overall listening experience.

Charlie Hellman, Vice President and Head of Music Product at Spotify, highlights the importance of music videos in engaging listeners and fostering fandom. By incorporating music videos into its platform, Spotify seeks to capitalise on its vast user base and solidify its position as a leading destination for music and entertainment consumption.

These updates signify Spotify’s commitment to innovation and continual evolution, as it strives to meet the diverse needs and preferences of its global audience. With the introduction of Countdown Pages for audiobooks and full-length music videos, Spotify continues to push boundaries and redefine the landscape of digital entertainment.