A woman with unparalleled style and entrepreneurial spirit, Aimee Song continues to redefine the boundaries of fashion and inspire millions worldwide. She stands at the forefront of the influencer movement, having launched her groundbreaking blog, Song of Style, in 2008. Song blazed a trail in the world of fashion by transforming her architectural blog into a thriving platform for style inspiration. As a trendsetter in the industry, she was among the inaugural fashion bloggers to grace the coveted halls of fashion week and collaborate with esteemed brands.

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With an ever-growing community of millions, Aimee’s journey resonates with audiences worldwide, transcending from her early days to her current role as a celebrated mom and style icon. However popular, the Sagittarius fashionista has kept her personal life considerably under the covers, and what we see on the internet is just a piece of cake. So, if you’re just as curious as us about the wow-so-amazing life, read more and get an insider peak into her life, which, according to her, is not “as glamorous as it appears on social media.”

A Glimpse into Song’s Personal Life

Originating from Los Angeles, her early endeavours as a blogger illustrated the potential of social content creation as a viable career path. With a keen eye for design and an innate sense of style, Song garnered attention from major fashion brands and secured partnerships that propelled her into the realm of influencer stardom. Through her journey, she met the Milan-born fashion photographer (now her fiancé), Jacopo Moschin, on a sponsored trip for influencers in Morocco. On October 6, 2023, Aimee took to her Instagram to announce her engagement on October 3, 2023, with her beloved boyfriend and baby daddy.

Following her pregnancy announcement in 2021, Aimee Song shared a heartfelt video on her YouTube channel, expressing her excitement about starting a family. In her candid message, she revealed that she and her partner had reached a pivotal moment, contemplating the future of their relationship. She said, “I’d never really seen myself being married, wearing a white bridal gown… but then I’d always imagine becoming a parent.” “I’d always wanted to be a mother. Song informed Moschin of her desire to have a child, which initially met scepticism. Despite considering embryo freezing after counselling, it proved unnecessary as the couple conceived naturally after just one attempt. Today, the two have a beautiful son, Teo Flix, who was born in February 2022.

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Interior Design Turned Fashion-Focused Blog

Hailing from her sunny hometown of Los Angeles, California, Aimee Song’s roots deeply influence her laid-back yet sophisticated aesthetic. Initially trained in interior architecture at the Academy of Art University in San Francisco, her innate creativity flourished from early on. Before transitioning into the fashion world, Song showcased her design prowess through interior projects, honing her eye for colour, form, and texture.

Inspired by her surroundings and armed with her design background, Song embarked on her journey into the fashion realm. Starting her blog as ‘Sung’s Style,’ initially focused on interior design, she seamlessly shifted gears to fashion, rebranding it as ‘Song of Style.’ This transformation marked the beginning of her ascent to becoming one of the most influential fashion bloggers globally, captivating audiences with her unique perspective and effortlessly chic style.

Aimee’s Journey of Blogging to the Runway

Renowned for her ability to seamlessly blend high-end luxury with accessible fashion, she infuses every ensemble with her signature West Coast flair, captivating hearts, and inspiring trends across the globe. Having said that, it is truly a delight to see Aimee go from merely a blogger with devoted readers to a fashion icon who inspires millions worldwide. Through her journey from blogging to the runway, she has successfully garnered partnerships with brands one could only dream of.

Aimee Song has forged partnerships with esteemed brands such as Prada, Valentino, Amazon Fashion, and Biossance. Notably, her Biossance face oil achieved impressive seven-figure sales figures upon launch. Further solidifying her entrepreneurial prowess, her clothing line, Song of Style, is exclusively sold at Revolve, marking the retailer’s pioneering venture into influencer collaborations. Beyond fashion, Song is a vocal advocate for mental health, using her online platform to candidly share her therapy journey and partnering with BetterHelp to promote mental wellness.

In addition to all that and her 7.3 million Instagram followers, she earned ambassadorships with Chloe, Giorgio Armani, and Dior; how cool is that? Just when you thought this was about to end, we’ve got you more. Back in 2016, Song bagged a spot in Forbes 30 under 30; in 2017, she was named one of Forbes’ Top Influencers; and in 2023, she was on the 41st spot on Forbes’ Top Creators list.

The Emergence of Song of Style, the Brand

Drawing from over a decade of experience in the fashion industry, Aimee Song’s brand, “Song of Style,” emerged as the culmination of successful design collaborations and a personal passion for accessible yet refined aesthetics. Launched in 2019 exclusively with Revolve, the collection offers a diverse range of styles ranging from silk dresses to blazers and high heels, reflecting Song’s vision for wearable luxury. What sets “Song of Style” apart is its distinct perspective, aiming to make sophisticated designer aesthetics attainable for all. Each piece embodies both comfort and refinement, presenting a polished yet effortlessly wearable option for fashion enthusiasts worldwide. To date, “Song of Style” remains a Revolve exclusive collection, making stylish garments accessible to all.

Aimee Song: The Accomplished Author

Adding to her achievements, Aimee Song is not just a highly regarded fashion influencer but also an accomplished author with two published books: ‘Capture Your Style’ and ‘World of Style.’ In ‘Capture Your Style,’ Song shares expert tips on leveraging Instagram to create a personalised portfolio of one’s photos.

On the other hand, ‘World of Style’ serves as a captivating travel journal where Song recounts her fashion adventures across different countries. From the United States to France to Australia, the book offers more than just fashion advice; it provides a fascinating glimpse into the culturally rich world of fashion.

To us, Aimee Song is a definite all-rounder to seek inspiration from. If she’s the same for you, write to us in the comment section below, and stay tuned for more such insider info on your favourite influencers.