Ashneer Grover, the co-founder and former Managing Director of BharatPe, gained popularity as the judge on Shark Tank India. The entrepreneur is at the centre of a heated controversy. The issue began after Ashneer Grover requested the removal of his segment from a YouTube roast show, The Pretty Good Roast Show, hosted by comedian Aashish Solanki. This move has drawn significant backlash stating Ashneer Grover’s inability to take jokes about himself, a stark contrast to his blunt persona on television.

Ashneer Grover vs Roast Show sparks Social media outrage

The Pretty Good Roast Show

Aashish Solanki, a winner of Comicstaan Season 3, recently launched the Pretty Good Roast Show on YouTube. The show features celebrities, influential personalities and comedians in a roast format, delivering sharp and humorous critiques. 

Previous guests included popular figures like comedian Akash Gupta, Anubhav Singh Bassi, actor Huma Qureshi, and YouTuber Gaurav Taneja among others. The show’s fifth episode, released on Sunday, had a mystery guest who was later revealed to be Ashneer Grover through the context of the jokes.

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The Ashneer Grover Controversy

In the now-removed episode, Aashish Solanki made pointed jokes about Ashneer Grover’s controversial exit from BharatPe. One notable quip was, “TV pe log talent dikhane jaate hai, ye aukat dikha ke aa gaya. Samajh gaye kiski baat kar raha hoon main? Apni company se kaun nikala jata hai yaar?” These jokes did not sit well with Grover, who requested his segment be cut from the show. Solanki subsequently revealed on Instagram that the episode was removed due to potential legal issues, stating, “Legal battle ladne ka paisa nahi hai. Sab show pe laga diya tha.”

Social Media Reactions

Following Ashneer Grover’s request, the episode was taken down from YouTube, but clips quickly circulated on X. The removal of the episode has led to widespread criticism, with many accusing the entrepreneur of hypocrisy. One user tweeted, “Can’t take simple jokes on yourself?? Ashneer Grover?” Another added, “Why did he even attend a freaking roast show if he can’t handle the roasting!!??!!” Others expressed sympathy for Aashish Solanki, recognising the financial and creative investment in the show. “You ruined his whole episode, hard work, money,” lamented one user.

The incident has amplified the public perception of Ashneer Grover’s inability to take criticism, especially in a humorous context. This episode contrasts sharply with his aggressive critique style on Shark Tank India, raising questions about his tolerance for humour at his expense. As Ashneer Grover remains silent on the matter, the debate over his actions continues to simmer on social media, reflecting broader discussions about power, humour, and accountability in the public eye.