If you’re a brand or an agency looking to start an influencer marketing campaign in India, look no further. You’re in the right place. In an effort to use data as a guiding factor to choose the best influencer for your brand, Ormax Media, a Media Insights Firm, has unveiled the inaugural version of their latest monitoring tool, known as Ormax Influencers India Loves (OIIL). This monthly tracker captures audience research from urban India to identify the most popular social media influencers across platforms (YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter & so on) and genres (Comedy, Knowledge, Technology, Motivation, Gaming, Fashion & many more).

The latest edition of Ormax Media’s monthly report, “Influencers India Loves,” for May, was released in June 2023. This unique report is the only metric-driven consumer input-led report that evaluates the popularity of social media influencers in India that monthly share the Top 10 influencers. While we wait for the next edition’s release in June, let’s understand how the report works and what the past results are like.

How do they evaluate popularity?

  • Ormax Influencers India Loves surveys in urban India and collects data from over 1,000 participants aged 15 years and above on a monthly basis. 
  • The participant must mention their preferred social media platforms, with a maximum of three choices, including YouTube. 
  • Additionally, they are asked to specify their two favourite influencers for each platform.
  • So, each participant can provide up to six influencer names. 
  • It is important to note the survey does not consider companies and brand names such as Netflix, Tinder, and Amazon

Past Top 10 Social Media Influencers (May 2023)

  1. Bhuvan Bam: He has topped the OTT charts with his series “Taaza Khabar” and has been ruling the YouTube charts with his comedy channel; this writer, songwriter, singer, YouTuber, and actor has now topped this chart too as his performance never let his fans down.

2. Carryminati: The Yalgaar star, multi-talented Ajey Nagar who is YouTuber, streamer, and rapper. Renowned for his distinctive content style, specializes in creating roast videos, comedic skits, and reaction videos and has always continued to surprise his fans like he recently did with his cameo in a Bollywood movie.

3. Ashish Chanchlani: A YouTuber and influencer, who gained fame for his comedic content on his YouTube channel, Ashish Chanchlani Vines. He also made a cameo appearance in Men In Black: International and directed the popular horror short film, Akhri Safar, which garnered nearly 15 million views on YouTube.

4. MrBeast: Jimmy Donaldson, also known as MrBeast, is the top individual YouTuber with over 163 million subscribers as of June 2023. His content mainly revolves around extravagant stunts and challenges. Additionally, he is involved in various endeavours such as investing, owning a burger chain, philanthropy, and entrepreneurship.

5. Sandeep Maheshwari: He is a successful Indian entrepreneur who founded and leads Imagesbazaar.com and is known for his talents in photography, writing, and motivational speaking. With a massive following of over 25 million subscribers on YouTube, he has become one of the most popular figures in his field.

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6. Harsh Beniwal: In 2015, he began uploading videos on YouTube as a hobby. Today, he is one of India’s most popular YouTubers, with over a million subscribers and he made his first appearance in Bollywood in the 2019 movie “Student Of The Year 2”. He was also honoured with The Best Performance in a Comic Role Award for his online series “Campus Diaries.”

7. Jannat Zubair Rahmani: She gained fame for her remarkable on-screen performances as a talented child actress. Starting her acting journey at a young age to become India’s top TikTok video creator. She also made her presence felt in Bollywood through the film “Hichki,” alongside renowned actress Rani Mukherjee, and continues to enchant her fans with her exceptional acting abilities.

8. Technical Guruji: Gaurav Choudhary, widely known as Technical Guruji, is India’s most popular tech YouTuber. His engaging reviews and recommendations for various tech gadgets have consistently captivated his fans, leading to an ever-growing following. Recognizing his achievements and influence, he was honored with a place on Forbes India 30 under 30 list.

9. Flying Beast: Gaurav Taneja, aka Flying Beast, has transitioned from an IIT graduate to a notable bodybuilder, pilot, and one of India’s top YouTubers who is currently studying law. Initially focused on workout videos, he diversified by creating a separate vlog channel that quickly gained popularity and continues to captivate a wide audience.

10. Round2Hell: A YouTube channel belonging to the entertainment category, founded by 3 best friends named Nazim Ahmed, Wasim Ahmad, and Zayn Saifi. Three of them make a number of awesome sketch comedy videos and post them on this YouTube channel. Their videos are liked by millions of people and they now hope to collaborate with OTT platforms such as Amazon and Netflix.

The Ormax Influencers India Loves report has provided all social media lovers with a compelling snapshot of the thriving creator economy in India through its rigorous surveys and consumer inputs. Brands and agencies can also subscribe to the report, which will give them access to the popularity reports of up to 50 influencers every month, differentiated by age, gender, and markets – which can help them identify the target audience of the top influencers. Month-on-month movement in influencer’s popularity will help them track their growing or declining influence, and help them make better influencer marketing decisions. This is a good effort in adding a layer of objectivity to the process of selecting the right influencer for you.

As the creator economy continues to flourish, these individuals play a pivotal role in shaping trends, engaging millions, and redefining the way content is consumed and enjoyed in India. We can’t wait to see who will make it to the charts in Ormax Influencers India Loves June report that comes out this month. With multiple new creators going viral and gaining followers every minute, it’ll be exciting to see who replaces the current Top 10 social media influencers of India.