The Pride month might be over but it is great to see the pride enthusiasm is not. Snapchat in partnership with V.O Curations, a London-based arts organization dedicated to supporting emerging and underrepresented artists, has launched an outdoor, AR queer art exhibition called, Pride Augmented: A Celebration of Queer Art to celebrate London Pride

The exhibition is powered by their AR technology and will showcase the artwork and stories of six LGBTQ+ artists as London marks 50 years since the first London Pride parade.

Developed by their AR studio, our city Landmarker technology will allow Snapchatters to see each artwork, beautifully displayed on iconic buildings as they explore Old Compton Street, Soho. The experience also transforms the sky into the rainbow colors of the Pride flag. 

To experience the AR exhibit, visitors can simply open their Snapchat and scan a rainbow-splashed Snapcode which can be discovered right outside our Snap-yellow building at 68 Old Compton Street, Soho from July 1st until August 14th. A playful, virtual tour guide called “The Orb” will direct Snapchatters through the exhibition experience as they discover the inspiration behind each artist and their artwork.

Pride Parade London 2022
Source: Timeout

“The opportunity to tell the stories of underrepresented and emerging LGBTQ+ artists through Snap’s AR technology is truly powerful and exciting. Pride Augmented: A Celebration of Queer Art is an exhibition geared toward creating a more inclusive LGBTQ+ community, a celebratory space for unique identities, and a restorative one for those who have faced barriers in their day-to-day lives. The exhibition is a reminder to all of the importance of representing and amplifying queer voices.” Nnamdi Obiekwe, Co-Founder, V.O Curations.

Curated by V.O Curations, the exhibition includes the artworks of emerging LGBTQ+ artists, Danielle Brathwaite-ShirleyFlo BrooksEmanuel de CarvalhoGuendalina CerrutiBernice Mulenga, and Ebun Sodipo.

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“It’s our privilege to partner with VO Curations to showcase and celebrate the beautiful artwork of underrepresented, emerging artists from the LGBTQ+ community ahead of London Pride. This is an exhibition that truly celebrates and empowers diverse voices from the queer community. AR is a powerful tool for storytelling and for inclusivity. We are excited to bring the stories of these artists to life for Snapchatters and make these artworks accessible to our Gen Z community – we hope this exhibit will spark important conversations and help marginalized individuals in the LGBTQ+ community feel seen.” Paul Sabas, Co-Lead, Snap Pride.

This experience is developed by Snap’s recently established Paris AR Studio which is focused on empowering and educating the next generation of creators to inspire the world about the possibilities of augmented reality across art, education, and culture.

The exhibition will be open to the public from July 2nd until August 14th. We’re excited for our community to celebrate London Pride and learn about the stories of these incredible artists.