A popular fashion and lifestyle influencer, Niharika Jain is known for her unique fashion content. The one striking feature of her content, as compared to other categories, is the “posing” ideas that make her stand out. The tips and hacks that she shares about fashion are loved by her followers. 

These are the kind of videos you save because they will definitely come in handy. And you use them to pose with your best friends and friends. Content pieces like these, that are of value to people, are always appreciated. In SN Spotlight this week, we had a very interesting chat with Niharika Jain. From fashion to posing to hacks, we’ve covered it all. Read on to know more:

Niharika Jain SN Spotlight exclusive interview fashion posing content creator

Let’s start with your journey. How and where did the interest in fashion come from? When did you start creating content?

So if I talk about fashion, I think my papa has given this to me. He used to bring new clothes for me every time and he used to click my pictures. I think that’s where the fashion thing came from. I always made sure my outfits looked good even when I was a child. 

When it comes to my journey, I started creating content in 2019. Before that, I was working but it wasn’t something that I enjoyed so I quit and decided to try out something new. So, that’s how I started creating content.

When we talk about fashion, the market is very saturated in terms of fashion content. So how do you stay on top of it?

I would say that being authentic and being yourself is very important. Everybody is doing their best, right? But connecting with your audience and showing them the real you is very important and coming up with new things every now and then is also very important. So that’s the game.

Talking about trends, how do you make sure that you follow trends and maintain your authenticity?

You have to be very careful because there are a lot of trends in the market but not everything will resonate with your content and audience. And I think that whatever you are doing, your audience needs to be able to relate to it. Let’s say, I do fashion but there is an ongoing trend from some other niche, so I will try to mould it in my niche if it’s possible. If not, then I just skip on trends.

What is that one unusual fashion trend that you really liked? 

Have you seen those rhinestone dresses and pants? I think those are something that do not resonate with my personality. But I really love it when people wear and style them. I really wish I do that someday. I just admire them from afar for now. 

The one thing that stands out on your profile is how you’re always experimenting. Where do such cool ideas come from?

I always say that inspiration is like a treasure hunt. I am talking to you right now, you never know, you could give me some content piece in my mind. So I always keep my mind open for inspiration. Wherever I am going, if I am seeing something new, then I think ‘According to that, what content piece can I bring?’

And as you said, I love experimenting. I am not confined to posting only ‘posing’ content. I started talking recently in my videos. So, I am trying new things and I think that’s what the audience also likes because they get to see a lot of new things together.

Everyone does fashion. How did you decide that you wanted to add posing to it? 

No, I actually started from posing. I was the first creator in India who started posting “posing content” on socials. I had just quit my job and I wanted to do something different. One day when I was going back from the office to my place, I saw these three girls taking selfies and the same ‘peace sign’ thing was going on.

And that’s when it just clicked for me. I felt that we can use our hands in many ways in a picture. So, I made this video where I showed five ways in which you can use your hands in pictures. And that was my first video and it boomed and here I am today!

Tell us about your process. How do you plan your content?

I plan my content by myself. I shoot by myself. I edit by myself. I’m not someone who sits and decides, okay, I want to do this, I want to do that. I might roam around or watch Netflix and it just clicks all of a sudden. So I keep writing. If I do not have my notebook, I write it in my notes. And then when it’s a shoot day, I sit one day before that and decide, okay, I’ll shoot these ideas tomorrow. 

What is the next thing that we are going to see on your content, on your page? 

I really want to tap into entertainment now. Because now I am very comfortable with talking on camera which I was not back then. I feel that has worked in my favour. When you talk to your audience and share things with them through your content, I feel it creates a strong bond between y’all. When they engage with you in the comments, you could end up getting constructive feedback and inspiration too. Also, I think my audience really finds me relatable and entertainment is relatability. Both of them go hand in hand like brothers and sisters. So, I think I can tap into that. 

If you had to relate ‘fashion’ to a fictional character, who would it be? 

I would say not exactly fictional character but some fashion icons from Bollywood like Karishma Kapoor! I mean all the movies that she has done, her outfits are still trending in today’s time. She has an amazing fashion sense. Then Sridevi ji. She was a fashion icon. Khushi Kapoor recently wore her gown and it was so pretty. Sridevi ji wore it then and she is wearing it now. When talking about fashion in India, I would definitely think about these two icons.

If you had to raid any celebrity wardrobe whose would it be?

Ah. That’s a nice question. Tara Sutaria. I love her fashion sense, especially the way she does her hair and makeup. Her body type is lean and I am very lean too, so I really relate with her. She is very elegant. Whatever she wears, she stands out. 

Can you give us any 3 fashion hacks?

One I would say accessorize because that can really change the game. I mean even if you are just wearing jeans and a crop top, put that hat on or wear a nice pair of earrings and it’ll look amazing. 

I think fashion tapes are really playing these days for footwear and your clothes. Even I have taped my dress somewhere today.

And then I would say styling the same piece of clothing in different ways. That is something which has trended the most in fashion. Especially with a white shirt. I guess all girls have tried that – not just western ways but in ethnic ways also. You can style it with your ghaghra, and add a nice choker and jhumkas.

Could you give us a simple tip to style winter wear? Usually in winter people just go on with one jacket or so. How can we elevate that look? 

In winter, layering is the game. Even if you are just wearing a nice high neck and a jacket, layer a scarf over it or maybe a nice cap, then the look gets elevated instantly. Like I said, accessorizing is the key. Again, the look changes a lot from boots. I would say don’t wear sneakers, in winter, prefer boots – ankle or thigh high.

It’s been 4 years for you in this industry, Niharika. If you had to give some tips to those who are starting now, what would they be?

I think everyone would say ‘be yourself, be authentic, be real’ to your audience. But there is this one thing when we start, we tend to follow trends as much as possible so that the content reaches people. And in the initial days, you should actually do that. But with time, realize that you cannot follow all the trends. You have to pick and choose them basis your audience. ‘What is resonating with them?’ Then only you do that. I mean why follow trends? Be the trendsetter. Like I started posing content which no one was doing then. Come up with something new.

Define your style and your fashion sense in 3 words.

I would just say one word and that is comfort. I mean fashion for me is comfort. Whatever makes me comfortable is my fashion.

Which colour according to you is going to trend in 2024?

All the earthy tones like browns and greens. I think these are going to be the colours of 2024. Because I love them, haha!

What has Niharika Jain planned for the coming year? Anything special you would like to share with us?

I do have some interesting plans. I’m a Mahadev follower and a lot of my audience is too, predominantly ladies. So, I have something coming up for my ladies who follow Mahadev and who love fashion. You’ll have to wait for that but it’s interesting and I’m super excited!

This turned out to be such an amazing yet insightful conversation where we dived deep into Niharika’s fashion world. We hope this exclusive interview inspires and helps you up your fashion and posing game too!