Art and artists have been celebrated for time immemorial, however, it has also been a niche understood and appreciated only by a selected few. However, with the growing prominence of social media platforms, even art has found its way into our feeds. Artists should also be given credit for transforming their art into content, in such a way that it becomes relatable to many. One artist who has spearheaded this movement is Satya Swagat Mohanty. In this week’s SN Spotlight, we dive into a cute, colourful and creative world.

SN Spotlight with Satya Swagat Mohanty

Satya Swagat Mohanty is a well-known illustrator and animator in the digital realm. He is also a popular content creator with 691K followers on Instagram and 1.78 Million subscribers on YouTube. With his digital pen, he has made a way into our hearts, taking us back to those cherished childhood days. His series reimagining popular cartoons in Indians version always leaves us teary-eyed. Without further ado, join us as we speak to the visionary artist and artistic storyteller, Satya Swagat Mohanty.

SN: All your reels have some nostalgia attached to them, what is the reason behind this?

Satya: Haha, yes, I have most of my videos attached to nostalgic memories. This is because I feel memories are attached to emotions and that’s a very convenient way to connect with the audience. People can sense the exact emotions of my work as everyone has once lived that moment in their lives.

SN: Your reels on popular cartoons in India are our favourite. What was your thought behind creating these?

Satya: I’ve got a huge amount of love for that series. There was no particular reason behind curating this though. These days many good artists have chosen to create content on Instagram and I wanted to do something different and keep experimenting with my content for my audience to enjoy fresh ideas and that’s how the Indian version of the famous cartoon series came into existence. 

SN: How did your journey with animation begin?

Satya: I am no professional animator . I’ve done my post-graduation in Physics. I’ve always been a good artist since my school days and even did human sketches. It’s not just about pencil sketching but anything creative has always attracted me.

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The very reason I started this page on Instagram was to explore how art works digitally. I started with my Android phone and the ample amount of love that I received, motivated me to move forward. I began my journey with designing logos and then shifted to illustrations and now I have moved to animations.

SN: Where do you find the inspiration for your work?

Satya: Art is everywhere. No source can be a constant source of inspiration. I keep my eyes open to get inspired by everything I do in a day. There’s no secret to it.

SN: Who are the 3 artists on Instagram whose work you look up to?

Satya: There are no particular artists on Instagram I stalk but these artists have inspired me a lot. I observe each of their work and try to learn something from them. Honestly, it’s hard to pick only three artists.

SN: Is there any form of art that you wish to learn in 2024?

Satya: I am at a phase where I am no longer looking to experiment. In fact, it feels like this is exactly what I want to do for the rest of my life. I’m not bored or tired of what I’m doing and I love how it’s going. So I want to give myself the time to grow in animations only . 

SN: With the advent of AI, how do you plan to incorporate it into your work?

Satya: I never take AI as a competitor. I  am yet to develop any interest in exploring AI tools. At the same time, I think one must not ignore the capacity of AI and therefore I’m planning to learn some tools and see how this can help me upscale my work.

SN: What advice would you give to an artist who wants to showcase their work on Instagram? 

Satya: As an artist, it is a little tough to grow on Instagram compared to other content creators. My suggestion to other artists is to be patient and consistent. If they think they’re good enough then eventually their work will be noticed and appreciated. Nobody can overshadow talent. 

As we bring our conversation with Satya Swagat Mohanty to a close, we are left with a profound appreciation for the artistry and animation that defines his work. We leave with this belief that each stroke of a pen or click of a mouse holds the potential to bring stories to life and memories to the forefront. As a loyal fan, we wish your creativity soars high and your imagination knows no bounds.