Ruby Franke, a Utah mother and a YouTuber known for her now defunct YouTube channel on parenting advice, recently pleaded guilty to child abuse charges. This distressing case sheds light on harrowing incidents of abuse inflicted upon her own children. The plea agreement uncovered gruesome details of the abuse, including claims of convincing her children they were evil and possessed, leading to severe physical and emotional harm.

Guilty Plea and Charges

Initially facing six counts of child abuse, Franke entered a guilty plea, accepting charges related to inflicting serious physical and emotional injuries upon her children. As per Utah law, aggravated child abuse charges can result from knowingly causing severe harm to a child. Franke’s admission of guilt covered a range of distressing actions perpetrated against her own children.

Details from the Plea Agreement

The plea agreement provided graphic insights into the torment her children endured. Franke admitted to subjecting her 12-year-old son to gruelling physical tasks, including prolonged wall sits and carrying heavy loads, resulting in serious sunburns and malnourishment. Shockingly, the son was denied adequate food, water, and access to basic necessities like books and electronics.

YouTuber Ruby Franke and the child abuse case

Abuse Methods and Psychological Manipulation

Franke’s abuse methods included binding her son’s hands and feet, sometimes with handcuffs and ropes, causing injuries that were treated with homoeopathic remedies and duct tape. She also admitted to physically assaulting her son by kicking him with boots, holding his head underwater, and smothering him. Psychological manipulation played a significant role, as she convinced her son he was evil, needed to repent, and justified the abuse as acts of love.

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Impact on Her Daughter 

Not limited to her son, Franke’s abuse extended to her 9-year-old daughter, subjecting her to forced labour, lack of food and water, and similar emotional manipulation. Shockingly, Franke attempted to convince her daughter of her evil nature and the necessity of obedience through punishment.

YouTuber Ruby Franke and the child abuse case

Furthermore, the involvement of therapist Jodi Hildebrandt in these heinous acts is deeply troubling. Franke has only recently agreed to testify against Hildebrandt indicating potential collaboration in the abuse. Hildebrandt faces similar charges and remains under scrutiny for her role in the children’s mistreatment.

Reactions and Consequences

This case has garnered widespread attention, eliciting shock and outrage. Online criticism and Franke’s acknowledgement of her actions’ severity highlight the gravity of the situation. Franke’s family members, unaware of her actions, have publicly distanced themselves, emphasising the need for accountability and protection of the affected children.

The case of Ruby Franke’s child abuse is a distressing reminder of the importance of safeguarding children and the devastating consequences of abuse. It underscores the crucial need for support and care for victims of such horrendous acts. As this case unfolds, it prompts society to reiterate its commitment to child welfare and the imperative of identifying and addressing such abuse promptly.