The holiday season is one filled with cheers and celebration and what better way to celebrate than celebrating our favourite creators who made us laugh, left us amused and even satiated our curiosity. In an ode to outstanding content creators, Social Nation’s festive campaign, #SleighedIt, crowned many creators under various. Among these, is the shining star Pankaj Singh Rathour, also known as PS Rathour, who took us on a virtual ride through his artwork and rightly so has been voted by the audience as Santa’s Favourite Visual Storyteller.

Santa's Favourite Visual Storyteller PS Rathour

Santa’s Favourite

As the illustrious winner in the category of Santa’s Favourite Visual Storyteller, PS Rathour earned an impressive 1,878 votes. Rathour’s ability in weaving stories through his and then showcasing his art through social media platforms has resonated profoundly with the audience, establishing him as a key figure in the world of visual art.

A Year of Remarkable Growth

Witnessing an exceptional surge in social media presence, Rathour soared to new heights, winning the love of a remarkable following of 821K on Instagram. Showcasing his ability to captivate and engage audiences through his visually compelling content, PS Rathour carved a niche for himself in the digital realm.

Santa's Favourite Visual Storyteller PS Rathour

The Doodle Revolution

Spearheading the trend of ‘Doodling My Day,’ PS Rathour started a creative wave in the industry, introducing a fresh and innovative approach to storytelling that resonated profoundly with his audience. Drawing bits and pieces from his day, Rathour has the ability to tell a story through visuals. Individually these are stellar pieces of art but together turn into magical stories.

YouTube Milestones and Verified Recognition

Achieving significant milestones on YouTube, Rathour’s channel garnered immense acclaim, earning the prestigious Silver Button and accumulating a staggering 384K subscribers. Moreover, his talent and dedication earned him the coveted verification badge on Instagram, acknowledging his noteworthy contributions to the digital sphere.

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Translating Online Fame into Real-life Success

PS Rathour seamlessly transitioned his online stardom into real-life triumphs, delivering a multitude of commissioned works that solidified his status as not just an online sensation but also as a sought-after creative talent in the physical world. From sketching individual portraits to illustrating for renowned authors, PS Rathour has emerged as a sought-after artist.

PS Rathour has emerged as an exemplary artist and a source of innovation and creativity. With a meteoric rise in his social media presence, pioneering trends, achieving remarkable milestones on YouTube, and seamlessly translating online recognition into real-life success, Rathour has surely #SleighedIt in 2023 and we wish bigger successes for him in 2024.