Siddharth Batra recently uploaded a YouTube video where he vlogged his grandpa’s 89th birthday. From what he ordered as gifts to lunch and a religious ritual, this video has everything with a spoonful of his personality in it. This video gives wholesome positive vibes and I cannot wait to discuss the same with you. So without further ado, let us get right to it, shall we? Here’s how Siddharth celebrated his grandpa’s 89th birthday YouTube vlog.

From knowing that his dadaji needs earphones and putting efforts to finding the most uncomplicated pair for his convenience, Siddharth shows how caring and loving their relationship is. From gifts to wearing Indian attire because his dadaji likes it, he did it all to make him feel special. They then go for lunch where Komal also joins them and have a beautiful family time together. We see happy Siddharth gets while he’s around the people he loves.

This video contributed to every aspect and spoke greatly about how observant Siddharth is, as a person and how he showers people with love in order to make them feel special. We also see how his dadaji is this cutest ball of sunshine throughout the video. He is so fun loving and sweet that it just melts my heart. Watch how the Batra family celebrated his 89th birthday and moments of fun and love, and more by tapping on this video right away!

Awww, I’m melting. This has transported wholesome positivity to me and I, absolutely love it. If you want to watch more of Siddharth’s videos, tap HERE to do so! And, until my pen writes more for you, here’s an article featuring the launch of Siddharth Batra’s YouTube channel that you can check out by tapping HERE! Happy birthday to Dadaji, once again!