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If you are standing in a queue and have plenty of time to kill, you always would end up scrolling in the hope to find the best original video content. When the world was induced by the lockdown, Ruhee Dosani popularly known as a ‘Punjab di kudi living abroad’ on Instagram started sharing light-hearted and fun content that turned out to be a saving grace.

The Digital Creators’ community is growing exponentially and Ruhee has come together and created some amazing content. She is now sharing and collaborating with the creators to produce entertaining content.

The content creation world is extremely fast-moving and everybody is making content along the same lines. Hence, it becomes important to put your content out there swiftly and efficiently. Ruhee and her ‘We Desi’ friends are quite popular for taking on songs ranging from Bhojpuri to Punjabi.

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Ruhee also shares her educational insight on topics related to “No Smoking” and “No Drinking”, etc. She thinks that sending out an essential message while making a dance video is helpful as it adds greater value to the content that she is creating.

Social media platforms are full of talented content creators. We see creators often come together to create thumb-stopping and out-of-the-world content individually or by collaborating. Let’s have a look at Ruhee Dosani’s effortless content game :

Ready, Set, Scroll.

Ruhee x just_neel_things

Ruhee x ahsassy

Ruhee x Shantanu Maheshwari

Ruhee x Mostlysane 

Ruhee x Barkha singh

Ruhee x Taneesha mirwani and Tarini Shah

Ruhee x Ayush Mehra

Ruhee x Harshvardhanrane

Ruhee x Munawar.faruqui

Ruhee x Naveen Singh

So if you are looking for some unexpected collaboration with creators over the world, Ruhee’s Instagram profile grid is where your search ends!