A girl riding a bike on the streets of India gets strange looks from passersby owing to the stereotype that riding bikes is a ‘Man’s thing’. Although an unusual sight to encounter, times have changed and so has the number of female riders out there. Meet Priyanka Kochhar – India’s First Female Motorcycle Blogger.

She gained immense respect and earned fame from riding superbikes and in the process of doing that has recorded and shared her experience while solo riding.

Her racing journey began in 2016 when she joined the TVS Apache women’s racing team. She’s a competitive and independent rider, and inspires youngsters and motivates them. Priyanka is often found engaging with her followers on her passion, traveling tips, and challenges she faces on a day-to-day basis. She has a large fan base that includes the likes of the Mumbai Police.

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She has also worked with a number of well-known international companies and is represented by TFM Models in India and Wilhelmina in Thailand. Except for her exceptionally good riding skills, she has a successful career in modeling too.

Priyanka has traveled to difficult places such as Ladakh and has represented India in races in Croatia and New Zealand. Her travel journey in difficult terrains along with superbikes is a testimonial to the fact that nothing is limited for women and the possibilities are limitless. If determination and passion are real, humans can achieve the impossible irrespective of gender.

Her personal life is nothing less than a perfect relationship goal setter. She married her better half Rishaad and fell in love in the most surprising way. The duo met for a brief period at F1 Racing which ultimately turned into a marriage proposal and cupid struck.

Her achievements have led Priyanka to feature in newspaper dailies and magazine covers. It was once a proud moment for her when she got featured and profiled by TDG Magazine.

Her journey is an inspiration to many young girls who dare to dream and make the impossible possible. Through her content on Instagram which boasts of more than a million follower base and Youtube, Priyanka aids motivation and acts as a catalyst to take the leap of faith.