Everybody dons a prankster hat when April Fools is around the corner. Amazon Prime Video known for its quirky marketing campaign definitely could not have missed the opportunity of April Fools.  On April Fool’s Day, Prime Video introduced a fun feature called Jaggu Dada Mode. This faux feature allows users to experience their favourite shows and movies in the inimitable vocabulary of Bollywood veteran Jackie Shroff, fondly known as Jaggu Dada. 

Prime Video and Jaggu Dada bring April Fool's Day together

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B-Town’s Bhidu Stars in Parody Ads

In a nod to traditional feature advertisements, Bollywood’s beloved Bhidu, Jackie Shroff, showcased how he would dub over iconic shows like Pataal Lok and The Family Man. With his trademark slang and charismatic style, Jackie Shroff breathed new life into cult dialogues, creating a humorous fusion of entertainment and nostalgia.

Mission to Entertain Every Indian Customer

Prime Video is on a mission to solidify its position as the go-to entertainment destination for every Indian customer. By incorporating playful elements like the Jaggu Dada Mode campaign, it aims to enhance the fun quotient for its audience. The campaign cleverly pays homage to the spirit of ‘Bhidu‘, aligning perfectly with the atmosphere of April Fool’s Day.

Jaggu Dada Faux Feature

The Jaggu Dada faux feature campaign offers a subtle tribute to the irrepressible charm of Jackie Shroff, particularly in his latest on Prime Video, Mast Mein Rehne Ka, where he portrays the role of a widower. Through this lighthearted campaign, the entertainment seeks to spread laughter, pranks, and playful trickery among its audience, perfectly celebrating April Fool’s Day.

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Creative Collaboration

The campaign, crafted by Anuya Jakatdar, Girish Narayandass, Manaswi Mohata, Rahul Nair, and Astle Fernandes, received accolades for its creativity and humour. Co-founder of Bare Bones Collective, Anuya Jakatdar, expressed her team’s excitement in channelling their inner Bhidu while writing the campaign. 

As Prime Video continues to innovate and entertain, the Jaggu Dada Mode campaign stands as proof of its commitment to engaging its audience in novel and amusing ways. With Jackie Shroff’s infectious energy and Bare Bones Collective’s creative prowess, the campaign succeeds in delivering laughter and entertainment, embodying the true spirit of April Fool’s Day.