We love it when viral Internet moments and brand collaborations collide. One such example is the recent viral video where a pilot, with a striking resemblance to Mahendra Singh Dhoni, was seen speaking to an air hostess. It blew up on the Internet leaving netizens confused whether the pilot is actually MSD or not.

In a strategic move aimed at bolstering its brand presence and inspiring travellers worldwide, Cleartrip, a leading online travel agency, appointed cricketing legend MS Dhoni as its new brand ambassador. Now people are wondering whether the pilot was actually our Mahi and this was a staged appearance.

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But Cleartrip, a Flipkart company and Dhoni’s collaboration signifies a major achievement for the travel company as it aligns with Dhoni’s calm and composed demeanour, to promote making informed and stress-free travel decisions under the “ClearChoiceinitiative. Renowned for his transparency, optimism, and straightforwardness, Dhoni is seen as an ideal representation of Cleartrip’s values.

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From The Legend Himself

Under the banner of “ClearChoice,” Dhoni will spearhead Cleartrip’s mission to advocate the importance of making informed choices in travel, promoting seamless and anxiety-free travel experiences for globetrotters across the globe.

Speaking about this collaboration, an enthusiastic Mahendra Singh Dhoni shared, “Throughout my career, traveling across continents, I have been a true globetrotter, and I discovered my love for travel. After so many years, travel has become something I look forward to. I couldn’t be more thrilled to come onboard Cleartrip, a brand that mirrors what travel should be like – fun, memorable, and meaningful.”

The cricketing legend emphasized Cleartrip’s commitment to transparency and simplicity in decision-making, stating, “In my career, I continue to make tough decisions every day, but with Cleartrip, decision-making is easy and straightforward. Their commitment to transparency simplifies choices and allows anyone to go on a journey of their dreams confidently.

Cleartrip’s Vision

CEO of Cleartrip, Ayyappan R., expressed delight in welcoming Dhoni to the Cleartrip family, highlighting his reputation as a revered sportsman known for his values and leadership skills. By making MSD their brand ambassador, the leading travel agency aims to empower individuals to make the right choices in travel seamlessly.

We hope to make travel an achievable aspiration for everyone, no matter where they are from. With Mahendra Singh Dhoni aboard, we aim to encourage a large demographic to step out and explore the world with confidence,” he said. Cleartrip’s vision is to make travel accessible, aggressively expand its customer base, and drive its market presence.

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Cleartrip and Dhoni are united in their mission to motivate travellers nationwide to rely on ClearChoice for journeys characterized by clarity, confidence, and memorable experiences. This was a very cleverly done marketing campaign in our opinion. What do you guys think? Let us know in the comments below!