Prajakta Koli, the queen of relatability and humor, is on a roll! From her humble beginnings as a YouTuber to becoming a sought-after voice artist, author, and Bollywood actress, Prajakta Koli has come a long way. She’s been making waves in the entertainment industry, and now her latest venture, ‘Mostly Chai,’ is stirring up excitement among fans and followers. With her infectious charm and down-to-earth personality, she has won the hearts of millions.

But what’s all the buzz about ‘Mostly Chai’? Well, let me spill the tea on her new show, haha, you get it? In her signature candid style, Prajakta revealed in a reel, “Now, this is a new show where I get to hang out with all my favorite artists while they make chai for me. So I think I have done it. I have tricked Netflix into making this whole show happen where I just sit down and do the things I love doing the most, which are having conversations and chai.

Imagine sipping on a hot cup of chai while chatting with your favorite celebrities; that’s the vibe of ‘Mostly Chai.’ And if the sneak peek from Netflix’s promo is anything to go by, let me tell you that it’s going to be a delightful treat.

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Tea-licious conversations of Babil and Prajakta!

Prajakta’s first guest on the show was Babil Khan, the most talked-about, loved, and humble person in the industry now. He is the talented son of the legendary Irrfan Khan. The promo gives us a glimpse of their heartwarming conversation, and it’s evident that they had a blast.

Babil, a young actor trying to make his mark in the industry, opened up about his journey. “I went to university, and things started getting real. I was studying film, right? And I was behind the camera, and that desire…” Prajakta finishes his sentence, “To be on camera?” To which Babil responds with enthusiasm, “Yeah, to go in front of it, just like around it.” The conversation erupted into laughter.

Their conversation flows effortlessly as if they’re catching up over a cozy cup of chai at a friend’s place. There’s a genuine connection, and it’s heartwarming to see Babil share stories about his late father, Irrfan Khan, and the immense legacy he had to uphold. The comments were full of appreciation and people showed their love.

Mostly Chai: Where Stars Speak from the Heart with Prajakta!

As fans, we often see celebrities on screen, but ‘Mostly Chai’ offers a rare glimpse into their personal lives, dreams, and aspirations. It’s like having a chat with your favorite stars in your living room, and Prajakta is the perfect host for the job.

Her journey from making YouTube videos in her bedroom to having her own show on Netflix is nothing short of inspiring. She’s broken stereotypes, shattered glass ceilings, and shown the world that you can achieve your dreams with dedication and authenticity. What makes Prajakta stand out is her relatability. She’s not afraid to be herself, flaws and all, and that’s what resonates with her audience. She’s the friend you can turn to for a good laugh, a dose of motivation, or just some real talk.

With ‘Mostly Chai,’ Prajakta is taking her relatability to a whole new level. She’s giving us a chance to see a different side of our favorite celebrities as well, one that’s unscripted and unfiltered. It’s a refreshing change from the polished and rehearsed interviews we’re used to seeing.

As fans eagerly await, there’s a sense of excitement and anticipation in the air, and we can’t wait to see which other artists Prajakta will bring on her show and what delightful conversations await us. In a world where entertainment often feels distant and unattainable, she brings us closer to the stars. She reminds us that behind the glamour and fame, celebrities are just people with dreams and stories to share.

So, here’s to ‘Mostly Chai’ and to Prajakta Koli, the girl who started with a camera and a dream and is now sipping chai with some of the biggest names in the industry. We raise our chai cups to you, Prajakta, and to all the exciting conversations that await us on your new show! Cheers!