WhatsApp is always looking at improving the user experience for everyone. The company constantly works at upgrading its existing features and adding newer ones. They recently rolled out a slew of features for its users. Social media giant Meta seems to be tightly integrating its social media platforms – Instagram and WhatsApp. In this article, we take you through some of the key additions to the globally-used messaging app.

Share Status Updates Directly On Instagram

As per a recent report by WABetaInfo, which is a trusted source for all WhatsApp updates, the company is working to improve its ‘status sharing’ feature and make it compatible with Instagram. The app will soon allow its users to share their status updates directly as Stories on Instagram. WhatsApp already allows users to share their status updates directly to Facebook, and integration with Instagram seems like the next logical step.

The report notes that the feature is expected to be released at a later date and will be optional, leaving the final decision on whether or not to share an update to Instagram in the hands of the user. The benefits of this feature include saving of time and improving the process of sharing updates across platforms. However, given that WhatsApp lags far behind Instagram in terms of photo or video editing features, Instagram loyalists may also feel that something is missing from their Stories added directly from WhatsApp.

whatsapp new feature share status update to instagram

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Share OG Quality Media On WhatsApp For iOS

Earlier, WhatsApp started testing a feature for its iPhone app that allows users to send original quality media as a file with a handful of users. According to WABetaInfo’s report, this enhancement will enable users to quickly share photos and videos with their original quality, without the need to follow multiple steps.

The original quality photos and videos will be sent as documents without compression or quality loss. To get started, open the chat share sheet, tap “Document”, and “Choose Photo or Video”. With the latest update (version 23.24.73), this feature is rolling out widely for all iPhone users.

Other iPhone-specific features coming to WhatsApp

  • With the new update, iPhone users will be able to start voice chats without ringing everyone in large groups.
  • Moreover, WhatsApp is now rolling out new bubbles in chat to help iPhone users see missed, ongoing and completed calls.
  • WhatsApp users on iPhone will also have the ability to react to status updates using their avatar.

Some accounts may receive these features over the coming weeks. To get them, you will have to regularly update your WhatsApp from the App Store or the TestFlight app.

whatsapp new feature share original quality media directly in chat on iOS

The New Secret Code Feature Under Chat Lock

The Chat Lock feature announced by the company earlier this year has now been extended and allows you to hide your locked chats behind a secret code. As a result, you can hide your sensitive conversations with other users from view when you’re passing your phone to a friend, or if your phone falls into the wrong hands.

Alternatively, you can continue to protect your chats with your phone’s PIN or passcode or a phrase, or by scanning your face or fingerprint. Chats hidden behind a secret code will not be visible in the main chat list and can only be accessed when the secret code is entered, adding another layer of safety to the messaging platform.

How to use it on an Android:

  • Open the list of locked chats and tap the three-dot menu at the top > Chat lock settings > toggle Hide locked chats and enter a secret code that you can remember easily, your locked chats will no longer be visible in the main chat window.
  • Currently, WhatsApp shows a shortcut for locked chats when swiping down on the chat screen — these can be accessed using your fingerprint or Face ID.
  • After you’ve set a secret code, there’s only one way to reveal your locked chats on WhatsApp — you must enter the same secret code in the search bar on the app. This will show conversations protected by the Chat Lock feature, but only until you exit the app.
  • If you don’t need to hide the presence of your chats on WhatsApp, you can revert back to the original Chat Lock feature by following the same process that you did to enable it – toggle Hide locked chats off to disable the Secret Code feature.
  • WhatsApp also says that you won’t have to enter individual chat settings to lock a chat — you can simply ‘long press’ a chat to lock it.

While the secret code feature has begun rolling out to users, it will be available globally in the coming months.

WhatsApp To Introduce Username Search

This new feature will allow users to search for and connect with others using usernames instead of sharing phone numbers. It promises to enhance privacy and make it easier to find and connect with friends, family, and colleagues. WABetaInfo said, “Thanks to this feature, users will have the option to interact with others using a distinct identifier, reducing the reliance on phone numbers.”

whatsapp new feature username search

The new WhatsApp username feature offers several benefits to users:

  • It helps protect the users’ privacy and makes it more difficult for strangers or unwanted contacts to find them on WhatsApp.
  • Usernames make it easier to identify and connect with specific individuals, especially those with common or similar names. Search functionality becomes more precise, and users can easily find and add contacts without needing to know their phone numbers.
  • Businesses and organisations can create usernames that reflect their brand identity, making it easier for customers and followers to recognize and connect with them on WhatsApp. This can enhance brand awareness and facilitate customer engagement.
  • WhatsApp’s move towards a more username-based approach reduces the reliance on phone numbers as the primary identifier for users. This aligns with the growing trend of using usernames across various online platforms.
  • Usernames could pave the way for future integrations with other services, such as enabling users to log in to other apps or services using their WhatsApp username.

How to Use WhatsApp Username Feature? 

This feature is currently available on WhatsApp’s beta version. To use it, update your app to the Android version and follow the steps listed below: 

  • Open WhatsApp. Go to “Settings”.
  • Tap on your profile picture to access your profile settings and select “About”.
  • Underneath your profile information, you will find a section titled “Username.” Tap on the “Edit” button next to your username.
  • In the text field provided, type in the username you wish to use and tap on the “Save” button. Your username will now be associated with your WhatsApp account.

New Trending Sticker Packs

WhatsApp stickers have made their way into everyone’s conversations on the app. They have become an integral part of how users communicate on the app. The company recently launched new sticker packs based on the current trends. We have Spotify Wrapped-themed stickers. Whatsapp wrote on their social media “a sticker for every feeling 🥳🫠🥲😍 a feeling for every song 🎶 download the #SpotifyWrapped sticker pack on WhatsApp now

The Archies and Netflix India team has gone all out on their promotion and marketing game. They have literally left no stone unturned in seeding their presence in every avenue possible. Their latest collaboration is with WhatsApp. The app has introduced Archies-themed stickers, available for users now.

We can’t wait to get our hands on all of these super cool features. Hoping this article is helpful to you!