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Roxanne Chinoy a.k.a ‘ladyroxpop’ shared important pointers on Instagram that you should keep a note of before posting another Reel. These pointers consist of five necessary and encouraging reminders. 

Check out the post here:

For better understanding, let me highlight the points for y’all as stated by Roxanne:

1. Keep It Simple

“You don’t need professional lighting or editing skills to create a great reel. People are looking for fun and entertainment, not necessarily polished content.

You can play around with AR effects, Remix, and other creative tools to enhance your storytelling – but no need to overthink it!”

2. Make It Relatable

“You know you’ve got a great, relatable reel when it evokes an ‘omg this is literally me’ response for your audience.

Jump on a trend and make it relatable to your audience by putting your own unique twist on it.

3. Use Text & Audio Effectively

Reels is all about audio. Create with a trending track, Original Audio with your own voice, or Voiceover.

Text on screen can pull the viewer in and speak to their interests. You can also use text to tell your audience how you want them to engage with your reel.”

4. Don’t Post Reels That Are Visibly Recycled From Other Apps

Instagram will avoid recommending a reel if it includes a watermark from other apps.”

5. Remember

Anyone can create on Reels. Start by experimenting with a format that works for you! Just be yourself and don’t need the feel to be perfect on Reels.”

So, these were the points that you should remember before posting a Reel! For more tips from Roxanne, check out “Reels Best Practices” by Roxanne on Instagram.