Since so much of Meta VR content is now confined and constrained in its capabilities, it is challenging to assess the full potential of the metaverse push at this time.

Today, Meta announced a new relationship with the NBA and WNBA, through which more than 50 games would be aired in their VR environment, “five of which will be immersive, 180-degree VR,” according to the announcement.

As per Meta:

“Five games will feature celebrity broadcasters and be shown in 180-degree immersive VR, and WNBA games, NBA G League games, and NBA 2K League games will be available to watch as well. In Meta Horizon Worlds, you’ll also be able to access game highlights, recaps, and archival content.”

That strikes me as being really great as an NBA fan. The majority of these games, after all, won’t offer a fully realistic VR experience, which is the true draw because it allows players outside of the US to simulate being at the actual event.

Source: Meta Blog

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If all of these games were broadcast in 180-degree or perhaps 360-degree virtual reality, you could experience the entire stadium, and that would be even better.

But they’re not, and there are actually a number of restrictions on this content, in addition to that:

  • XTADIUM, where these games will be broadcast in VR, is only available in the US
  • Meta Horizon Worlds is currently only available in the US, Canada, the UK, Iceland, Ireland, France, and Spain
  • To top it off, geo-restrictions mean that a lot of this content won’t be available in some regions

Maybe Meta will soon release a VR application or procedure that completely changes people’s perspectives. However, at the moment, there is a lot of empty excitement for subpar VR goods on the consumer side.

I get the vision and where Meta is going. Just not sure how much its current state of development is assisting in this regard.