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YouTube has made a difference in lives with its learning benefits. The fact that consumers like learning so much are just one of the many unique aspects of YouTube. They just announced that:

“We’ve partnered with Arizona State University (ASU) and Crash Course to create Study Hall, a new approach that demystifies the college process while creating an affordable and accessible onramp to earning college credit.”, wrote YouTube blog.

People from all around the world decide to spend time on the site each day to learn how to better their lives. Additionally, by offering a direct route to formal education, they hope to improve the empowerment of learners. It’s a novel strategy that de-mystifies the college application process and provides an accessible and affordable entry point for obtaining college credit.

The path to higher education might be paved with obstacles, such as high costs and accessibility, but postsecondary education has a significant impact on economic and social mobility.

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By January 2025, Study Hall is expected to provide 12 courses, giving students the opportunity to complete their first year of college at their own pace and from a top public research institution.

Students can register for four “College Foundations” courses that begin on March 7, 2023, here as of right now. These courses are eligible for transfer credit. English Composition, College Math, US History, and Human Communication are the four most popular first-year college courses at many higher education institutions. The lessons, which combine ASU’s academic quality with Crash Courses’ fascinating storytelling, were created and are taught by the same academics that do research and instruct students on ASU’s campuses. They are all available on YouTube’s extensive platform. Anyone can start; there are no requirements for applications or minimum GPAs.

By January 2025, there will be 12 courses available in Study Hall. This will give students the opportunity to acquire credit from a major public research institution for their entire first year of college at a time and location that suits them best. And it’s free to view them online! There is a $25 registration charge and an additional $400 fee if the student chooses to gain college credit for each course. Less than one-third of the typical course cost at a public four-year university for in-state students and approximately 90% less than the average course cost of a private four-year institution will be paid by learners who register before March 7, 2023, at a special scholarship price of $350 per course.

The learner may retake any course as many times as necessary till they are happy with their grade. Then, you can use this credit at any of the hundreds of organizations that recognize ASU credits.

Videos in the supplementary Study Hall series “How to College” assist students in navigating the challenging college admissions process and maintaining their course load once enrolled. Another video series called “Fast Guides” provides information and insights into numerous of the most popular college majors. It also offers helpful advice, such as the courses each major requires and the most likely employment that may be attained with those degrees. They are providing this brand-new opportunity for students to pursue their academic goals and degrees with a learning journey that starts on YouTube.