An analysis of current trends in viewership, the direction the creator economy will go in the upcoming year, and the reasons for viewers’ fascination with creators is something big that is expected in the years ahead. YouTube recently published a blog where they quoted a journalist, about how the creator economy is changing and what trends should we all look out for in the upcoming future with the discussion at the IAB’s Annual Leadership Meeting in a breakout session called “Why Creator-Driven Content is Winning the Streaming Wars.”

“The creator economy has come a long way in the past decade. We’ve all seen the mass fandom that comes up when MrBeast does anything, really. And now in 2023, it’s no secret that in the eyes of viewers, creators have become mainstream entertainment. Don’t take my word for it — watch creator and journalist Jon Youshaei explore this phenomenon on the streets of Los Angeles in his ‘Creators vs. Celebrities’ series.”, wrote YouTube in its blog where they defined the-

Three Creator Economy trends

Creator-driven content now dominates television

In the most recent Nielsen Gauge Report, YouTube surpassed Netflix, Hulu, and all other providers in terms of streaming watch time on connected TVs. This indicates that YouTube is the most popular platform among Americans who watch TV in their living rooms.

People desire diversity and options. In addition to traditional and studio-produced videos, YouTube offers an ongoing supply of creative, diversified creator content, which is what audiences want. It is a one-stop shop for watching videos.

People can now see post-game highlights and analysis in addition to watching the games online. We may anticipate even more cross-pollination and dialogue in 2023, pushed by studios, networks, and creators.

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The combined power of long-form and short-form creativity

It would be an understatement to suggest that creators have run with YouTube Shorts. They stated in the past year that 1.5 billion users who are logged in each month watch shorts. With the hope that the number will increase even more, particularly when they introduce extended eligibility for the YouTube Partner Program and the revenue-sharing programme for shorts.

It’s been fantastic to watch artists play with editing, filters, well-known audio samples, music, and more using Shorts. Since the introduction of Shorts, channels that upload both long-form and Shorts have experienced better total watch time and subscriber growth than those that solely upload long-form.

The new content studios for Generation Z are creators

All generations of viewers, but especially Gen Z, claim that plot and relevance are the most important things to them. In fact, 65% of Gen Z (online 18 to 24-year-olds) feel that personally relevant content is more significant than content that is widely discussed.

When you consider the viewing habits of Generation Z, it makes sense. After all, this age consumes significantly more creator content than previous ones, especially those who produce both short and long-form content, such as comedian Andrew Schulz. This generation also watches far less cable and linear TV than previous ones.

Creators are winning the streaming wars because they are the directors, producers, and talent of this generation all rolled into one. We look forward to 2023 and beyond to see what advances they have in store for all of us.