Looking for more advice for your Facebook and Instagram advertisements? This may be of assistance. This week, Meta released two new video series, each of which aims to offer advice and suggestions on how to maximize your advertising campaigns based on the experiences of a variety of specialists, both internal and external.

A new video series called “Performance Talks” that focuses on the newest trends and developments in ad buying and digital marketing was created as a result of a meeting Meta had with marketing experts from a variety of brands as part of the event.

As per Meta:

“In this series, we will hear from innovative businesses about their marketing priorities, the industry trends making an impact and the Meta tools they use to grow.”

The series features conversations with Ben Yahalom of True Classic, Jaclyn Fu of Pepper, and Carly Carson of PMG, offering a diverse range of perspectives from radically dissimilar businesses.

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The use of AI for ad targeting is a major focus of the series and ShopTalk in general, therefore it’s important to note how these brands see the development of ad targeting in the future. The interview series “Performance Talks” is available here.

A new “Ask an Expert” video series has also been released by Meta to offer more tips on how to maximise your Facebook and Instagram advertising.

Meta Offers Advice on the Recent Marketing Trends

As per Meta:

“In four episodes, our best-in-class in-house experts break down how to use Meta tools to help grow your business.”

The series features four key employees from Meta, who answer common questions and provide direct insights on best practices.

The series provides answers to these questions:

  • How do I make videos with a small team?
  • How much money should I actually spend on ads?
  • How can I make my ads perform better?
  • How can I get more followers on Facebook and Instagram?

Although most of the advice is quite general and, of course, focuses on Meta’s ad tools, it may provide you some more insight into how to optimize your campaigns across Facebook and Instagram.

Additionally, there is more weight given to the advice because it is being given by Meta’s own specialists. Some useful information on current trends that might help your plan even more.