Jovita George is a well-known beauty and lifestyle influencer from Peninsular India. She has been a model, a Youtuber, a Content Creator, you name it. With a whopping 697K followers on YouTube and 135K followers on Instagram, she has found her audience and has managed to keep them hooked.

Ms. George is considered one of the pioneers of the Indian beauty movement. She has been in the beauty and skincare industry for more than a decade now, with her first YouTube video released in 2010. What truly sets her apart from the crowd are her ideas on inclusivity, especially in the beauty industry. She extensively talks about make-up for brown skin tone. 

This Youtuber knows the game and how!

Jovita George has plenty of YouTube series, from guiding beginners about the basics of make-up to talking about the latest products in the beauty and skincare universe. Her travel videos are also very popular with the viewers wherein she gives sneak peeks into beautiful destinations and highlights some of the local cuisines, hidden gems, and touristy attractions. 

Her latest video talks about her absolute favorite products for her summer routine and going by the comments on the video, it looks like she has an army to support her for some of the products she has mentioned.

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My personal favorite from her YouTube channel is the ‘Cultural series’ where she compares two different makeup trends from across the globe. For somebody who struggles to match her left eyeliner to the right, the stark difference in Jovita’s every makeup look left me surprised! 

After a little research, it’s safe to say that her makeup in the cultural series is authentic and truly represents the section she intends to depict. (Not that she was waiting for any validation, just saying)

Talent is not limited to a single platform

Her Instagram account is a fun place too. Don’t blame us if you end up spending hours.. Guilty as charged but I definitely loved scrolling my way through it. I am so motivated to complete my 10-step bedtime skincare routine to get hydrated skin like hers, only hoping my work day doesn’t fizzle the enthusiasm. 

In one of her recent Instagram posts, she talks about body shimmer oil from an expensive brand and a dupe of it. Oh boy! I am truly blown away by the results. For beauty enthusiasts, some of these beauty products can really make a hole in the pocket and when an established beauty influencer like Jovita finds a dupe, it’s a moment to rejoice. 

Jovita George definitely knows her shiz and has been leaving a mark wherever she goes with her work but recently something else got her in the news. On her YouTube channel, Jovita slashed the famous Cosmopolitan Awards with a full-fledged YouTube video. She blamed them for having “favorites” and limiting their validation to the creators coming from “Delhi and Mumbai.” Though she tries to be “the bigger person here,” however, no single nomination in years has made her “salty.”

Tbh, we do not know the details of this controversy but we are #TeamTalent and definitely want to cheer Jovita George for her amazing work.