Adam Mosseri, the head of Instagram started a new series called Creator’s PoV to deep dive into the creator economy. In the second episode of this interesting series, he invited Marques Brownlee. In this insightful interview, both Mosseri and Brownlee discuss at length about content creation in general and content on Instagram specifically. In this article, we present key highlights from the chat. 

The Adam Mosseri Marques Brownlee episode on Creator's PoV

Who is Marques Brownlee?

Marques Keith Brownlee also known professionally as MKBHD, is an American YouTuber and professional ultimate player, who is best known for his technology-focused videos. Marques is also popular for his podcast, Waveform.

Adam Mosseri X Marques Brownlee 

During the Creator’s POV interview, Adam Mosseri questioned Marques about his content creation journey, how he deals with the high and low and many other facets of creator economy. 

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Starting Content Creation

When asked about starting his content creation journey, Marques Brownlee added that once when he was trying to find a video on a remote control kind of gadget online, he couldn’t find it. That is when he decided to shoot one himself and got into content creation. He was only 15-years-old at that time and today Brownlee has more than a dozen employees working for him. Isn’t that such a cool beginning? 


On Monetising content

On asked about monetising content, Marques Brownlee stated that there are two phases to it- enabling it and focusing on it. One can enable it as early as they can but should focus on it once they think of content creation as the main job and not side hustle. 

Then Versus Now 

Marques Brownlee further added that things have changed from then to now, not in terms of authenticity of the kind of content he puts out but previously he would only record a video and put it out straight but now his videos are much more than that. 

Marques Brownlee’s Content Strategy

When Adam Mosseri asked about Marques about his content strategy, he stated that his strategy is simple. ‘To make videos he would like to watch and to strategise content on the channel in such a way he would like to subscribe to.’ He puts himself in a third person perspective when thinking about content to put across his ideas as simply as possible, which in turn helps him be more authentic on camera and reach a broader audience. 

Thoughts on Losing Followers 

A standout for us in the interview was his response to losing followers. Marques beautifully explained that people evolve and grow which makes them hop from one content to the other. He added “you can’t talk to everybody” with your content which we think is particularly interesting way to understand the audience demographics. 


Content Strategy for Instagram 

To Marques Brownlee Instagram is platform for short videos. He likes to give different social media experience on different platforms. On Instagram he likes to post quick videos of gadgets, did you know sort of videos but for his stories that audience can consume on the go. For his Instagram stories he likes to keep it personal and “fun stuff.”

Consuming Content 

When Adam Mosseri questioned about the kind of content Marques consumes, he honestly replied that half of his explore page consists of content related to cars, about the sport he plays-ultimate frisbee and other related products.

The Ultimate Generative AI Dreams

On asked about his ideas on generative AI, he stated that he’s waiting for generative AI to evolve to the extent where he can get himself a virtual assistant who would know his preferences and would respond to his questions with responses tailor-made for him. For instance, if he asks his virtual assistant to book flight tickets, it should know that he prefers window seats and should make the reservation accordingly. His cool ideas about the generative AI really got us craving for our own virtual assistant too. 


Marques Brownlee Dealing With Criticism 

When Adam Mosseri asked  Marques Brownlee about dealing with criticism, especially the Rabbit Review, he added that he only tries to be as honest as possible to keep the trust of his audience. 

Inspiration and Contemporaries 

When asked about the people who inspire him, Marques added that there are tons of his contemporaries whose content inspires him and keeps him on his toes. He also mentioned about a Formula Addict Instagram page that he mentioned that uses Forumula 1 data and transforms it into cool graphics. He even confessed he used this information for his own formula 1 video. 

The Relevance Of Hashtags

The coooest part of the chat between Marques Brownlee and Adam Mosseri was around hashtags. Marques stated that he took a screenshot of one of Adam’s story where he told that hashtags can only help when people are trying to find specific things. It necessarily does not increase content visibility.  *Making a mental note*

We are already loving this Creators POV series by Adam Mosseri as he gives a deep insight into content creation process. This particular episode with Marques Brownlee was all parts fun and engaging as we understood the business model of globally celebrated content creator. We truly cannot wait to see Indian creators stealing the show at Creator’s POV.