Lenovo and Intel’s branded content series, ‘Brave New Art,’ has made a triumphant return with season 2 on Disney+ Hotstar. The creative force behind the series is FCB Kinnect, and this season promises to be even braver than before, pushing the boundaries of creativity and innovation across diverse art forms.

Lenovo and Intel's Brave New Art is back with season 2

A Fusion of Artists Across Mediums

The series brings together artists from various disciplines to forge a unique creative fusion. The focus is on being ‘braver’ in every aspect, from the selection of diverse art mediums and edgy artists to storytelling, production, and the awe-inspiring final results.

Uniting Indian Artists 

This season challenges four Indian artists, each master in their respective disciplines, to combine their creative styles and elevate their art to unexplored heights. The first episode features Gopika Sukumaran, a Kalaripayattu martial artist, and Vinay Hedge, a Tilt Brush artist, who kick off the series. 

Envisioning the Future of Art with Technology

The second episode showcases digital artist Siddhant Gandhi and AI artist Madhav Kohli as they tackle the unprecedented task of envisioning a museum 500 years into the future. Using Intel-powered Lenovo Yoga laptops, each exhibit in the virtual museum pushes the limits of creativity, seamlessly fusing art and technology.

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The Creative Vision

Kartikeya Tiwari, National Creative Director at FCB Kinnect, expressed gratitude for creating long-term intellectual properties for partner brands. He highlighted the audacious starting point for this season, wondering what would happen when Kalaripayattu meets 3D Art or envisioning a museum of the future. Tiwari emphasised that the collaboration with Lenovo and Intel, along with top-tier artists, resulted in truly brave art.

Lenovo and Intel's Brave New Art returns with season 2

Monica Reddy, Brand Marketing Manager at Lenovo, challenged the myth of dwindling attention spans. She pointed out that when captivated by a compelling story, people have ample time and attention. The attempt with Season 2.0 is to elevate storytelling and visual delight, showcasing the features of the Lenovo Yoga range through real-life use cases in an engaging format.

Intel’s Pride in Collaboration

George Chacko, Director, Global Account (Lenovo), Asia Pacific & Japan, Intel, expressed pride in being associated with the Brave New Art campaign. He highlighted how Intel’s collaboration with Lenovo enables artists to push the boundaries of creativity using cutting-edge technology, particularly the latest Lenovo Yoga Laptops powered with Intel Core processors.

Credits and Collaborations

The creative team at FCB Kinnect includes Kartikeya Tiwari, Mithun Mukherjee, Vandita Gauba, Priyanka Soni, Brian D’Cunha, Sohail Shaikh, and Charuvi Khandelwal. The Lenovo brand team is led by Monica Reddy and Manas Gupta. The production is a collaboration between Kinnect Productions and Goodfellas Studio, with Deeksha Tripathi as the director.

‘Brave New Art Season 2 promises to be a groundbreaking exploration of creativity, technology, and collaboration, bringing together diverse artists to create truly brave and innovative art forms.