• Krafton announces a monumental $150 million investment in India’s gaming and entertainment startup – Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).
  • BGMI is like a new and improved PUBG, keeping data safe and giving Indian players a fun gaming time.
  • Krafton invested $140 million in 11 Indian startups, helping them earn more money and get extra support.
  • Krafton’s looking ahead and promising to keep supporting, even if things in the market or what players like change.

A massive wave of excitement is sweeping across India’s gaming community. The reason? Krafton, the big gaming company from South Korea, has just revealed a super exciting plan. They want to invest a HUGE $150 million into India’s gaming and entertainment startup world over the next 2-3 years. And guess what? This amazing news comes right after they got the green signal to try out their famous game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), in India.

This isn’t just about money – it’s a game-changer that could shape the future of gaming in India. Krafton’s journey in India is like a story of superheroes – that is full of never giving up and smart thinking. They faced not one but two bans on their games! But instead of giving up, Krafton turned these problems into opportunities. They made a game called BGMI that’s kind of like a new version of the popular game PUBG. They made it especially for India, taking care of data security and giving Indian players an exciting gaming experience.

We continue to hold a long-term view on India and its vibrant startup ecosystem, and we understand perfectly well that there are a number of reasons that can impact a company’s performance, including market conditions and consumer sentiment, among others, and we at Krafton will continue to support them,” the firm said.

Image Source: SportsKeeda

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Krafton’s big $150 million promise is about more than just money – it’s about helping new ideas and creativity grow. Imagine it as a magic potion for new gaming startups in India. Over the last three years, Krafton already gave about $140 million to 11 new Indian startups.

These startups have become very successful, making lots of money and getting even more support. Now with this new investment, it’s like giving these startups wings to fly even higher. They know that startups have challenges, just like a game with tricky levels. Sometimes, the market changes, or players want different things. But just like a good teammate, Krafton is ready to help its partners no matter what.

We believe in the power of Indian IPs and content in making a lasting global impact, and we are excited to achieve new milestones in our journey to unlock the country’s full potential as a global gaming powerhouse,” said Sean Hyunil Sohn, chief executive of Krafton India.

Krafton isn’t just about games; it’s about making smart choices. One big choice was to stop working with a company called Tencent and work more with local partners. It’s like changing your game strategy based on what’s happening in the game world. They also chose to use special technology from Microsoft to make their game servers strong, like building a fortress to protect players’ information.

Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI)- BGMI India
Image Source: BGMI

Imagine your favorite superhero coming back after a break, all charged up. That’s how BGMI’s return to India felt. In only three months since coming back, it got a huge number of players – 30 million every month!

Krafton isn’t just here for a quick try; they’re here for the long run and as Krafton gets ready to make this big investment, India’s gaming scene is going to change a lot – it’s like getting a bonus life in a game. You get to explore new places, beat new challenges, and become a real gaming champion.