Gamers, assemble! The gaming event of the year is here. KRAFTON has come with a whole new set of experiences and fun challenges with your favourite gaming content creators. The gaming company behind India’s beloved battle royale game, Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI), has introduced the first-ever BGMI Awards 2024!

This groundbreaking event is a month-long celebration for BGMI content creators and esports athletes within the game itself. The awards aim to recognize and honour 30 top influencers in three categories:

  • Jod Creators
  • Fashion Ke Deewane
  • Esports Game Changers

Gaming Influencers, Assemble!

The event features various Indian gaming influencers such as Mortal, Dynamo, Payal Gaming, Kaashvi, Jonathan, Scout, Snax, Lolzzz, and more, who have made a significant impact on the BGMI gaming community. Throughout the event, your favourite influencers will be front and center, on banners and billboards both in-game and out, showcasing their unique and valuable contributions to the world of gaming.

Category Division

JOD Creators

This is an award category that has been allotted for content creators. Personalities like Mortal, Lolzzz Gaming, Dynamo, Shreeman Legend, Joker Ki Haveli, and Regaltos have been nominated for this award category.

Fashion Ke Deewane

India’s top female gaming creators such as Payal Gamingg, Kaashvi, and Krutika will find themselves in the Battlegrounds to battle it out for the “Fashion Ke Deewane” award.

Esports Game Changers

Last but not least, “Esports Game Changers” will have the mightiest BGMI Esports athletes like Jonathan, Scout, and Goblin.

Krafton BGMI Awards 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India gaming creators influencers gamers players vote categories Jod Content

When And Where?

The celebrations kicked off with a bang at an exclusive offline BGMI Awards Pre-show in Goa from June 3rd to 6th. The main event is now live within the game. All that’s left for you to do is to come play. Since June 8, you can take part by completing specific missions, earning tokens, and voting for your favourite influencers. The voting periods are as follows:

  • Jod Creator Voting: June 8th – June 18th
  • Fashion Ke Deewane Voting: June 21st – July 1st
  • Esports Game Changers Voting: July 4th – July 14th

This celebration of BGMI’s amazing gaming community aims to connect fans with their favorite content creators. Don’t pass up this exceptional chance to vote for them, compete in the BGMI Awards 2024, and take part in India’s most thrilling gaming festival. Participate now to have your voice heard,” KRAFTON said in a press release.

Game Onn 🎮

Players can receive rewards for voting for their favourite key opinion leaders (KOLs) from the Kannada, Tamil, Telugu, and Malayalam communities. The winners in each category will be awarded the prestigious BGMI Awards trophy at the end of the event. So, start playing and vote for your preferred content creators! Don’t miss out on celebrating the amazing BGMI gaming community.

Exclusive Giveaways

  • Pink Grade Outfit: The top KOLs in each category will be rewarded with an exclusive Pink Grade outfit in the game, customized with their names and signature style.
  • UC Bonanza: A whopping total of 480K UC will be divided amongst 30 participants and the two hosts.

Krafton BGMI Awards 2024 Battlegrounds Mobile India gaming creators influencers gamers players vote categories


KRAFTON Inc. is a renowned game publisher that created the popular games BATTLEGROUNDS MOBILE INDIA (BGMI) and PUBG. Based in Bundang-gu, South Korea, KRAFTON is dedicated to developing and publishing captivating and engaging games, providing fun and unique experiences for gaming enthusiasts.

Join Now!!

Join in on the fun by logging into BGMI to be a part of this remarkable and unforgettable event. Complete missions, earn tokens and cast votes for your favourite gaming influencers, and watch them win. Let’s unite to celebrate gaming greatness and create everlasting memories at this event!

Whether you’re a hardcore gamer or a casual player, the BGMI Awards 2024 offers something for everyone. It is an opportunity to acknowledge the talent within the community, relish new in-game features, and engage with other players. So, gear up and be a part of this exciting journey!