Social media has changed the lives of some creators and it definitely shows. A creator, artist, and entertainer just touched his million and has celebrated in a different way than others- just like his content- in a unique way! We are talking about Neel who is popular by the name of Just Neel Things makes funny content and has his followers laughing.

Neel has been known for creating regional (Marathi) & relatable comedy content on his social media. After working as a social media head for a YouTube channel, he also worked as a filmmaker and freelance DOP.

Now that he is famous and recently touched a million followers on his Instagram, Neel has launched a song- Jinklo! One of the top creators has touched the 1 million milestone. As part of the celebration and to announce this milestone he has collaborated with Devil and Kanchan (Part of Gully Gang). He has made a track by a creator and for the creator community.

The video he posted before the launch of the video where he is seen talking about it

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The teaser of the song was posted on his account, three days before the song’s release. His song ‘Jinklo’ is a Marathi word that means- ‘I won!’

He started off with making content during the lockdown period and started to get massive reach and success cause his reels connected to a lot of Marathi audiences due to the regional aspect and the connection of slice-of-life scenarios he created in his content pieces integrating the small Marathi nuances.

He never really believed in having a role model because he always believed in originality & creating his own identity & creativity. His favorite artist is Govinda. He did theater for 3 years, he learned acting and thought he can do acting.

The artist never planned on becoming a “Content Creator”, it just happened because he always believed in entertaining & be an entertainer, not an influencer, and now he’s making heads turn.