You can’t help but be in awe of Ishika Bhargava‘s performance when she dances, thanks to her spellbinding dance steps!

This girl has a tonne of expressiveness loaded inside of her, which she expresses via dancing. Ishika, without a doubt, proves to be a wholesome entertainer, and she never fails to bring her own flair to her favorite playlists with grace and a few twists.

Her dance works as a visual pleasure for the audience since it’s a combination of serious dance skills mixed with an entertaining edge. She was able to explore and develop her gift through dance, which also pushed her to create new motions.

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Her dances are always top-notch performance and it varies from conception to completion. Ishika is primarily recognized for her hip-hop and Bollywood dancing.

She has amassed over 400k plus Instagram followers, helping her reach her goal of becoming a well-known figure on social media. Here, you can take a quick glance at some of the quick video performances she posts on the photo-sharing platform.

She undoubtedly makes magic whenever she dances; from her expressions to her precise movements, she is unquestionably an inspiration to all dancers.

Check out the dancer’s moves and have a great time as you scroll!

Ishika X Mannat Sandhu

Ishika X Anahita

Ishika X Taneesha mirwani

Ishika X Aastha Shah

Finger-tutting pro!

I sincerely hope you all enjoyed seeing her as much as we enjoyed writing about her!