Even though Juneteenth has ended, Instagram is still pushing forward with its plan to amplify Black-owned businesses. Recently, they have added the new feature of the “Black-Owned” label which helps in discovering Black-owned businesses directly on the ‘gram. As per Instagram’s blog, “Businesses based in the US with Shops on Instagram will now be able to designate as Black-owned and display a “Black-owned” label.”

Isn’t this such a great step? Now, the Black community will be more empowering. With this new label from Instagram, the engagement rate of the Black-owned businesses will surely shoot up. To create more economic opportunities for Black-owned businesses, Instagram had invested in this.

If you designate your business with the “Black-Owned” tag, it will be easier to get highlighted on the Shop tab, which means more business potential. The platform has also partnered with Black Owned Everything, Ghetto Gastro, Alexandra Winbush, and Brownie Points to showcase them more often on Instagram for Business and Instagram’s @Creators. To get more information, tap HERE! Also, to know Instagram’s previous initiatives, go through Instagram Supports Black Community by Commemorating Juneteenth.