National Technology Day, which is observed every year on January 6, recognizes the technical advancements that have made daily life so fascinating for people!

To kick off the National Technology Day 2023 celebration, let’s look at these 5 tech influencers who have made significant names for themselves in the digital sector. We are all aware of how swiftly technology is evolving in the modern era and how tech companies are consistently pushing their boundaries.

These creators put in a lot of effort to create reviews on the newest and best gadgets, as well as daily tech news with tutorials and advice for desktops, watches, laptops, and mobile. They hope to entertain everyone with their enthusiasm mixed with humor!

Tech influencers are experts on the most recent consumer electronics. They regularly do studies on markets, history, and modern technology. In addition to giving modest additional suggestions for experienced users, they also offer thorough beginner’s instructions for everyone to efficiently use their devices.

Reading reviews given by Tech Influencers gives more about a certain technological product. Today we’ve compiled a list of the best tech Instagram influencers you should follow to get the most recent news and advice on what to buy!

Techno Ruhez

Youtube: Techno Ruhez

Dhananjay Bhosale

YouTube: Dhananjay Bhosale 

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Yogi Yogendra

YouTube: Technical Yogi

Akash Pal

YouTube: Technical Sky 

Praval Sharma

YouTube: Sharmaji Technical