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Tanvi Geetha Ravishankar is a ray of sunshine who radiates kindness to all!

She received the Cosmopolitan BodyLove Influencer’22 award and does a fantastic job of explaining how society will constantly judge you and tell you what an individual should and shouldn’t do.

Tanvi is regarded as the CEO of #StyleAboveSize and is raising awareness about body acceptance and love. It doesn’t matter if you have stretch marks, a double chin, back rolls, or cellulite. You are wonderful in every aspect, and she teaches you to accept yourself just the way you are!

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Her perspective on body positivity is that “size doesn’t define my worth.” Through her work, she inspires others to value themselves, and despite being plus-sized, she is comfortable with who she is.

She runs a YouTube channel – The Chubby Twirler, here she frequently uploads entertaining videos that will get you hooked and give an instant motivation outburst. This keeps her at the top of the list because of his continuously expanding fan base.

Tanvi also demonstrates her superiority in the fashion world and provides a lovely list of resources for style guidance and body confidence.

Dress to Impress!

There is no end to beauty!

Her husband has unquestionably always been her biggest cheerleader!

A sass a day keeps the basics away!

Get rid of everything unpleasant in your life that is preventing you from accepting who you are. Never stop loving yourself because there is no good reason not to. I hope y’all enjoyed seeing her as much as we loved writing about her!