When a favorite star talks about something you like, it is a different feeling, right? And what about when they release a show you did not even know you needed? The YouTube star, favorite of millions, Bhuvan Bam is back in light with a bang new ‘Taaza Khabar‘. It’s his first OTT exclusive show that is now live on Disney Plus Hotstar.

The show’s trailer was live around a month ago and since then the trailer itself garnered some 10 million views! Here’s how it looked-

In Taaza Khabar, the debut web series by prominent YouTuber Bhuvan Bam, the life of a Mumbai chawl resident who runs a pay-and-use public restroom experiences some unexpected twists and turns. The young man gains the ability to predict the near future and control both his and the fate of the lady he loves as a result of a good deed and a subsequent miracle. More magic would have improved the series as a whole.

Vasant “Vasya” Gawde is a poor youngster who seeks a better life for himself, his mother, his beloved, and his pals in the six-episode Hotstar Specials programme, which is directed by Himank Gaur, who earlier oversaw Bhuvan Bam’s YouTube series Dhindora.

This show was going to release on 6th January. However, Bhuvan surprised his fans a day early and announced on the 5th evening itself that the show is now live!

It is a completely new show for the audiences and fans of BB as this is a role that he as an actor would be giving to the audiences for the first time. Being the one-man-army YouTuber, this might be the first show where Bhuvan’s character is written by someone else.

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Being one of the most loved YouTubers, his comedy content has made rounds on the internet and one of the most loved video series has been Angry Masterji. After two years, he recently released his news angry masterji video a few days back which is again a solid laughter rollercoaster.

The most loved factor about Bam’s videos is his comic timing and the way his characters play around the same.

His own show that was released on YouTube, Dhindhora also had a storyline by him and the characters were written by himself. The show was a hit and now we look forward to checking out his new show which is now live. Do let us know what you think.