There are trends that don’t make sense and then there are those that make sure we go back and check how are people playing around with it. Brands leave no stone unturned too. Brands have been playing with and creating trends for some time now and it is an absolute pleasure to see their creative thinking with ideas and writings.

The rapid commerce app Blinkit and Zomato collaborated for the new year by using a well-known Bollywood line to appeal to the public. The internet quickly became interested in this odd Zomato Blinkit post, and it became a hot trending issue. An offline hoarding advertising was posted as an online collaboration post and that has made it interest brands following it in a way with their creative minds.

The well-known line from the 2002 movie Maa Tujhhe Salaam has been reinterpreted by them followed by numerous firms as part of this brand conversation.

The meal delivery giant Zomato uses original content as well as trend content in its content marketing approach, which is then reused on a variety of platforms while being adjusted to make it suitable for each channel. Its content, whether it be via text messages, social media, or email marketing, speaks to the audience’s wants and interests without being intrusive.

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On the Zomato-Blinkit billboard bandwagon, the brand verse has gotten in and provided some clever and relatable creatives.

From Manforce to HDFC, each brand has tried their creativity on this offline hoarding collaboration and turned it into a promotion of their own branding.

Here’s how brands played along-







Asian Paints


The Definitely not a Call-a-bore-action is what we have to say about it!